Portal do Dog


We love dogs here at Kinsta (our offices are dog-friendly) which is why we’re more than happy to host South America’s leading dog portal. Portal do Dog is a Brazilian website created especially for dog lovers. The site is updated several times a day, where one can find information on every dog breed in the world, tips on how to raise and train them, lovely videos and touching stories.

I’ve been looking for a good WordPress host for more than a year, and that is not an easy task, as PdD has a database of more than 8 GB and a few millions of visits per month, there are not many hosting companies that want to or could handle a website like this. I am really glad I’ve found Kinsta. Since the first email I felt that this partnership would work well. The website is really fast and we also gained a lot in productivity as we do not get ‘500 error’ anymore. Thanks Kinsta!

3.02s load time before Kinsta 1.70s load time at Kinsta 8,000,000 page views per month
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