This is an example of how to set up a static site with Jigsaw on Kinsta’s Application Hosting services from a GitHub repository.

Jigsaw is a static site framework that uses Blade templates to create your page layouts and Markdown to build your content within the templates so you can produce simple static sites without complex coding knowledge. More information is available on the Jigsaw website.

Jigsaw is based on Laravel; it’s a regular PHP-based application, so Kinsta automatically installs dependencies defined in your composer.json file during the deployment process.

  1. Log in to GitHub and create a new repository from this template (Use this template > Create a new repository): Kinsta – Jigsaw Starter
  2. In MyKinsta, add an application with the Jigsaw Starter repository.
  3. The Start command can be left blank for the web process as Kinsta automatically detects the required command during the first deployment. The first deployment may fail as you need to add the necessary Buildpacks.
  4. So that the application can build the CSS/JS files, you need to add two buildpacks: Node.js and PHP. Click Settings > Add buildpack, select Node.js > Add buildpack. Repeat this for PHP.
  5. Click Deployments > Deploy now > choose the required branch > Deploy application.

The app is available as soon as the build finishes, and a default Jigsaw page loads at your application’s URL.

Jigsaw default page after successful installation.
Jigsaw default page after successful installation.


In most cases, you’ll want the application to build the CSS/JS files, so you’ll need to add these two Buildpacks:

  • Node JS
  • PHP

Web Server Setup

Start Command

When you deploy the application, Kinsta automatically creates a web process with npm start as the Start command. If required, you can change this within Processes.