Pre-sales questions

How Do I View My Access and WordPress Error Logs?

Logs can be very helpful when troubleshooting and debugging issues on your WordPress sites. Viewing your access and WordPress error logs is pretty simple. Just follow …

How to Install Cloudflare on Your WordPress Site

Cloudflare is a company that provides content delivery network (CDN), DNS, DDoS protection, and security services. They have become very well known in the web performance industry …

Can I point my blog using a reverse proxy?

Yes, you can. Once signed up with us just get in touch and we’ll help you set it up.

Can I transfer billing to my client?

Not at the moment, however, we are currently working on a feature to allow this.

What features do you offer for developers?

Since we’re a company founded by real developers, meant for real developers, we offer the following feature set to make your life easier: Nginx PHP7 One-Click …

Do you offer reseller or white labeled plans?

We do not at the moment, however, we do have an affiliate program.

How do I implement redirects?

Since we don’t run Apache, you can’t use .htaccess which you may be used to. Instead we run Nginx which has its own rewrite rule syntax; whatever …

What is your SLA?

You can find our complete SLA here. Related Articles Why We Don’t Offer Phone Support How Do I Submit a Support Ticket?

Do you offer discounts if I prepay in advance?

Yes, we do. Please see our pricing page and you’ll be able to tell how much you’ll save by prepaying a year in advance. If you …

Do You Offer Direct Database Access?

You can connect using phpMyAdmin. Or if you prefer to manipulate databases with tools like HeidiSQL or Sequel Pro, you’ll be happy to know that we support …

Do you offer SFTP?

Yes, we do. Please see this article on how to connect with our servers using it.