Pre-sales questions

What Features Do You Offer for Developers?

Since we’re a company founded by real developers, meant for real developers, we offer the following feature set to make your life easier: Nginx PHP 5.6, …

Do you offer reseller or white labeled plans?

We do not at the moment, however, we do have an affiliate program.

What is your SLA?

You can find our complete SLA here. Related Articles Why We Don’t Offer Phone Support How Do I Submit a Support Ticket?

Do you offer discounts if I prepay in advance?

Yes, we do. Please see our pricing page and you’ll be able to tell how much you’ll save by prepaying a year in advance. If you …

Do You Offer Direct Database Access?

Yes, we do offer direct database access as well as the ability to manipulate databases with tools like phpMyAdmin, HeidiSQL, Sequel Pro, and MySQL Workbench. We support …

Do you offer SFTP?

Yes, we do. Please see this article on how to connect with our servers using it.

Do you allow adult sites?

Sorry, we do not. If it’s a gray area like a photography website with tasteful nudity please get in touch with us and we’ll review to …

What are your hours of operation for sales?

You will receive email replies to your inquiry typically within a couple hours or less Monday thru Friday during normal business hours for both the US …

Do you have a status page?

Yes, we do. You can find it here showing operational status for all data centers.

How Long has Kinsta Been Around?

We were founded December 1, 2013 and have been growing like crazy ever since.

Do You Offer a Security Guarantee?

Yes, we do. If your site is hacked while hosted at Kinsta we’ll work with you for free to try and undo the damage. Security Guarantee …

What Kind of Managed Hosting Services Are Included?

Kinsta offers customers a lot more than just high-end WordPress hosting. We want your business to succeed and a lot of that starts with turning your WordPress …