Pre-sales questions

Pre-Sales Questions

Is There a Long Term Hosting Contract?

Use this page to learn about why we don't require a hosting contract here at Kinsta. You can cancel anytime, and we’ll refund the unused part of yo...

Do You Update WordPress Core?

Click here to learn about what WordPress core is and how Kinsta handles automatic WordPress updates for customer's websites.

Is a Dedicated IP Necessary for an SSL Certificate?

When it pertains to SSL, a dedicated IP is not necessary and has not been required since June 2003, thanks to a technique called SNI.

Do you Offer SSL Support?

Use this page to learn about our SSL support and how you can enable it on your WordPress site from right within the MyKinsta dashboard.

Do You Offer a CDN and/or Support Third Party Ones?

Kinsta includes a free HTTP/2 CDN for all clients. If you prefer, you can also use a third-party provider, such as KeyCDN, Cloudflare, or StackPath.

Can I Transfer the SSL Certificate That I’ve Purchased Elsewhere?

You can transfer the SSL certificate you purchased somewhere else. Just send us the SSL certificate and key and we will add it to your WordPress site.

Does Kinsta Support a SPDY CDN?

Learn more about running a SPDY CDN. Note: This is no longer applicable for most people as most CDN providers and Kinsta now support HTTP/2.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Use this page to learn the payment methods we accept.

Do You Provide Email Service?

Use this page to learn more about email service at Kinsta.

Do You Provide Root Access?

Use this page to learn more about root access at Kinsta.

Billing Cycle – When do You Charge my Card?

Use this page to learn about our billing cycle at Kinsta, including when your credit card on file will be charged each month.

Do You Offer Domain Registration?

Use this page to learn more about domain registration and a few places Kinsta recommends to purchase a domain from.