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Reverse Engineered

Valuable tips from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts designed to help you grow your business.

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John Doherty's video cover

John DohertyJohn Doherty The Secret to Attracting Qualified Leads

Credo founder & CEO John Doherty shares actionable tips for growing a business, along with solid tactics on automation, playbooks, & more.
58 minutes
David Wurtz's cover image

David WurtzDavid Wurtz How a Founder in Residence Identifies Areas of Innovation at Google

Having contributed to large products like Google Drive and Google Fonts, David Wurtz knows plenty of things to successfully launch new products.
56 minutes
Karmen Kendrick's cover image

Karmen KendrickKarmen Kendrick Why Investing in Your Business Goes Both Ways in B2B

Karmen runs a successful web design agency focusing on membership sites. Her tip for growth? Invest in your business, if you want clients to invest…
36 minutes
Zsuzsa Kecsmar's cover image

Zsuzsa KecsmarZsuzsa Kecsmar How Loyalty Programs Can Help You Retain Customers

"When the economy suffers, loyalty thrives." Tune in to hear Antavo’s Co-founder Zsuzsa Kecsmar share their approach to customer retention.
32 minutes
Cory Miller Reverse Engineered

Cory MillerCory Miller Why You Should Strive to Make People’s Lives Awesome

Post Status CEO Cory Miller shares his entrepreneurial journey and digs deeper into what being a leader means (hint: you're a human with real probl…
52 minutes
Donata Stroink-Skillrud's cover image

Donata Stroink-SkillrudDonata Stroink-Skillrud Make Your Business’ Privacy Policy Compliant

Donata Stroink-Skillrud from Termageddon talks about the challenges she faces as a business owner and the importance of privacy policies.
48 minutes
Austin Ginder's cover image

Austin GinderAustin Ginder How This Solo Developer Manages and Resells Hosting to 1,300 Websites

Austin Ginder's story seems untrue, but it's not! As a solo developer & owner at Anchor Hosting, he successfully runs his business for thousands of…
58 minutes
Shane Pearlman's cover image

Shane PearlmanShane Pearlman Build Your Business to Support Your Lifestyle

Modern Tribe has championed the way of working since its early days. Learn what two decades of remote work taught to Shane Pearlman, CEO of the com…
57 minutes
Joe Howard's cover image

Joe HowardJoe Howard The Secret to Entrepreneurship: “Just Keep Going”

Learn Joe Howard's different strategies that set WP Buffs apart and how he strives to provide value to his clients and the WP community.
57 minutes
Snippet Digital's cover image

Andy ChadwickSuganthan MohanadasanAndy Chadwick + Suganthan Mohanadasan How to Grow a Consulting Firm by Sharing SEO Knowledge

Andy and Suganthan's approach to business is unusual: training clients to be self-sufficient. How can they grow their business, then? Tune in to fi…
1 hour 8 minutes
Melissa Kwan's cover image

Melissa KwanMelissa Kwan Building a Business Around the Life You Want to Live

Founder and CEO of eWebinar Melissa Kwan talks about what elements and non-negotiables influenced her business path.
58 minutes
Jonathan Williamson's cover image

Jonathan WilliamsonJonathan Williamson How an Upbringing and Passion for 3D Animation Led to Co-Founding Three Creator-Focused Companies

CG Cookie, Blender Market, and Mavenseed’s Co-Founder and CTO Jonathan Williamson on growing a company inside and outside your niche.
1 hour 14 minutes

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Reverse Engineered is Kinsta’s podcast on all things business and tech. If you're aspiring to learn something new and gain insight into how to grow yourself and your business, then you’ve come to the right place. Join us every two weeks to hear successful entrepreneurs and industry experts break down the steps, challenges, and successes that took their companies to where they are today.

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Jon Penland

COO at Kinsta

Since joining in 2016, he’s worn several hats including Writer, Support Engineer, and Head of Sales and Support, and has watched Kinsta grow from a small but mighty team of 15 to the expert 270+ team it is today. His professional interests lie in remote work and scaling distributed companies.

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