WooCommerce Site Owners: Unlock More Profit with Less Hassle

A Kinsta-hosted WooCommerce store helps improve your operating margin. How? You and your team will spend less time on store management and more time delivering a great customer experience with a high performance site.

Deliver A Fast Experience

We only use Google Cloud Platform’s fastest servers and Premium Tier Network. Complete with advanced caching and CDN so visitors get a speedy site even during traffic spikes.

Increase Your Operating Margin

Save on development and engineering costs with reliable infrastructure. Backed by a 99.9% uptime SLA and Cloudflare Enterprise security.

Focus On Your Business

The less time you spend thinking about WordPress hosting the better. Simple site management tools, free migrations, and rock solid security free you up to focus on growth.

Focus On Sales and Growth

Skip the hassle of configuring and maintaining infrastructure.

  • Spin up a WordPress site with WooCommerce pre-installed in less than a minute
  • Configure and customize it all from one simple dashboard
  • Skip optimizing caching, it’s all preconfigured for WooCommerce, with exclusions for pages like cart, my-account, and checkout
  • Get back to business, your store is faster and more secure than it’d be when managing cloud platforms on your own

Manage Costs (And Prevent Unforeseen Ones)

We provide visibility on site resource usage, guaranteeing predictable and transparent billing. Plans include all the services you need, so you get more performance with no unexpected costs.

  • $275 in savings per month per site with the add-ons we include standard on all plans
  • Malware protection and removal, we fix hacks on Kinsta sites for free day or night
  • 24/7/365 single-tier expert live chat support included in all plans without extra charges
  • Uptime monitoring, we check your site every two minutes to prevent lost revenue
KinstaWithout Kinsta
Cloudflare EnterpriseIncluded$250+
Rocket CDN
Updraft Plus
Uptime monitoringIncluded$10
FreeTotal $275+
per month

Optimized For A Great User Experience

A Kinsta-hosted store is optimized for speed right out of the box. Our customers see up to 200% faster page loads when migrating to Kinsta.

  • 35 data centers, locate your site where your visitors are
  • Dedicated PHP Workers to serve simultaneous visitors
  • A global CDN with 260+ points of presence, to serve up images and static files faster, all without any complex set up
  • Easily-configurable site-level caching and Edge Caching to speed up your site
  • Built-in intuitive site usage analytics and Application Performance Monitoring to find issues and make improvements

Debug, Test, Repeat

Troubleshoot Your Store with One Click

Only Kinsta includes a powerful Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool for visualizing site speed issues. No matter your technical skills, easily identify performance bottlenecks and take action. You don’t need to purchase external plugins or paid services like New Relic.

Premium Staging Environments

With our Premium Staging Environment add-on you can test your store in a staging environment that matches your live site. Perfect for large stores, add up to 5 staging environments, each has 12 CPUs, 8 GB of Memory, and the same number of PHP Workers you have for your live site.
($20 per environment per month)

Free Performance Audit

Is your store cruising along just fine, or is something slowing you down? Find any bottlenecks for free from our experts.

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A WooCommerce Hosting Leader

We have more than 460 reviews on G2 with an overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Find out how Kinsta stacks up against the competition and why more and more WooCommerce stores switch to Kinsta for their ecommerce hosting.

Unlock More For Your Store

Kinsta unlocks more performance and value from your WooCommerce Store by simply including for free the add-ons needed for a fast and reliable website, so you avoid unexpected costs later.


Maximum speed for conversions.

Single Sites

Increased resources for high-demand stores.

Agency Sites

Manage all your client stores efficiently.

Unlock More Value With No Risk

Your hosting can help improve your profit margins by streamlining admin tasks and assuring your site is configured for the best possible user experience.

Try it risk-free for 30 days. Get two months free when you pay annually.

Success Stories

We help store owners get more from their WooCommerce hosting.

DartDrones Logo

“Kinsta’s high performance hosting and extra optimizations reduced page load time by 50%. DARTDrones was able to serve over 1 million pageviews in a 6 hour period with zero downtime durning our traffic spike after appearing on the Shark Tank television show.”

Kevin McAloon | Designer & Frontend Developer | DARTDrones
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“We have ten years of experience working with various hosting providers, so the core technical features of the platform are important for all of our projects. We monitored speeds of test sites and Kinsta’s network always produced one second faster load times than those hosted on AWS.”

Kresimir Koncic | Director | Neuralab
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