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No matter the size of your business, website management can really eat up time that could be better spent driving quality traffic and developing new tools and sites. Luckily, Kinsta customers have a secret advantage: the MyKinsta dashboard! Get started with a free demo version to explore some of the features our 25,150+ happy customers have access to.

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  • Available for up to 60 days after registration

What can you do with your demo account?

MyKinsta is designed to make your life easier. Register for our demo to see a glimpse at how easily you'll be able to manage your sites as a Kinsta customer:

  • Add a new site or clone an existing environment
  • Set your sites up for speed and security
  • Create and restore a backup
  • Analyze site analytics to inform troubleshooting
  • Customize user levels to your business
  • And more!

The MyKinsta demo lets you test MyKinsta dashboard features only. It does not provide access to a functional WordPress site where you can log in, create posts, and upload media files.

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