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Performance-focused hosting built for growing communities and resource-hungry WordPress membership sites. Powered by the speed, ease, and reliability of Kinsta.

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Vanvittig hurtige hastigheder

Our servers can easily handle large numbers of logged in members and heavy user activity. Many of our customers report huge decreases in page load times after switching to Kinsta. We use Google Cloud’s compute-optimized C2 machines across all our hosting plans.

  • Compute-optimized C2 machines
  • HTTP/2 og IPv6-tilsluttet CDN
  • Server-niveau datalagring
  • Finjusteret til WordPress

Næste generation infrastruktur

We only use state-of-the-art technologies like Nginx, PHP 8.0, LXD software containers, and MariaDB. Add to that complete resource isolation, auto-scaling, and expertly managed server architecture, and you’ve got yourself membership site hosting with speed, scale, and availability you can count on.

  • Nginx and PHP 8.0
  • Resource isolation
  • Automatisk skalering
  • PHP workers

Google Cloud Partner

Choose from 25 Google Cloud data centers located around the world. We support your move to their premium tier network, optimizing WordPress for high performance. Get all the user-friendly tools and guidance you need to take advantage of the same secure enterprise-level infrastructure that powers Google Search and YouTube.

  • 25 global data centers
  • GCP premium tier network
  • User-friendly tools
  • WordPress-specific optimizations

Ekspert WordPress-support

Ask our customers why they choose Kinsta and you’ll hear about our stellar support. Our support team is here around the clock to answer all your membership site hosting-related questions. Chances are, you’ll speak to someone who’s contributed to WordPress core, coded a plugin, or even run a membership site.

  • 365/24/7 live chat
  • 720 daglige oppetids-tjeks
  • Få hurtig hjælp

Convenient tools for membership sites

Get WordPress-optimized tools and features like database optimization, self-healing PHP, and analytics, along with PHP version switching, Kinsta APM for debugging performance issues, staging environments, and free migrations. Need more? Elasticsearch, Redis, and extra disk space are available as optional add-ons.

  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis
  • Kinsta APM
  • Weekly database optimization
  • Selvhelende PHP

Hosting for every kind of membership site

Whether you’re running an online community, managing a forum, or teaching online courses, if you can build it, our membership site hosting will support it. We support WordPress multisite and all the popular WordPress membership plugins, including MemberPress, Ultimate Membership Pro, LearnDash, Restrict Content Pro, and more.

  • Multisite, BuddyPress, og bbPress
  • Online samfund
  • Online courses
  • Fora
  • Professional services
  • Group coaching
  • Premium content
  • Content libraries
  • Product bundles

Want to know more about how we can support your unique membership website setup?

Why host your WordPress membership site at Kinsta?

Membership sites are beasts when it comes to performance. Large numbers of concurrent visitors, uncacheable content, complex database queries, and data like user profiles, forum threads, images, and videos, can affect your site’s performance, in turn impacting your members’ user experience.

That’s why it’s essential you choose a membership site hosting provider that understands your site’s resource-intensive needs.

At Kinsta, we know membership sites are different from other kinds of WordPress sites because we wrote the book article about it: The Dos and Don’ts for Hosting WordPress Membership Sites. See how Kinsta can help:

Performance-focused web hosting

We obsess over speed, reliability, and availability. That’s why we were the first managed WordPress host to partner exclusively with Google Cloud Platform. We use GCP’s premium tier global network and compute-optimized C2 servers. Choose from 25 different data centers around the globe and serve content closer to your members for decreased latency and TTFB. All of our plans include resource isolation, auto-scaling for sudden surges in traffic and load, and WordPress-specific optimizations for high-performance membership site hosting.

A graph showing WordPress 5.3 performance with different PHP versions

PHP 8 performance boost

For many WordPress membership sites, switching to the latest version of PHP provides an instant performance boost. Our latest PHP performance benchmarks show PHP 8.0 offers a significant performance over PHP 7. For sites that require PHP 7, we offer one-click PHP 7.4 and 7.3 support in MyKinsta.

Object caching

Membership sites are dynamic and always changing. Object cache, on the other hand, can provide considerable performance improvements, reducing the load on your database and speeding up PHP execution times. We offer Redis as an add-on so you can take full advantage of persistent object caching, helping to speed up the user experience for your members.

Enhanced search

As your WordPress membership site grows, you’ll soon discover the standard WordPress search functionality is inadequate, particularly if you run a forum. We offer Elasticsearch as an add-on to speed up the querying of your database. Our engineers will install it on the same server as your PHP environment and MySQL database, helping to decrease latency, as opposed to hosting it in a separate instance or using hosted Elasticsearch.


We’ve seen first-hand that WordPress, membership sites typically generate a lot of 404 errors. With our MyKinsta analytics tool, you can determine how many 404 errors your site is generating and then create a simple 404 template that avoids querying the database any more than is necessary. You can try MyKinsta analytics for free via our free dashboard demo.

PHP workers

One of the biggest challenges with WordPress membership sites is large numbers of uncached requests. PHP workers determine how many simultaneous database requests your site can handle at a given time. If you continuously max out your PHP workers, the queue will start to push out older requests, resulting in 500 errors. A set number of PHP workers is included with every Kinsta hosting plan. We recommend starting with one of our Business plans for a minimum of four PHP workers. If you’re not sure how many PHP workers your WordPress membership site needs, read our guide: PHP worker recommendations for membership sites. Or, chat to our sales team to find out more.

Database maintenance and optimization

Regular database maintenance is essential for the health of any WordPress membership site. Without it, you might find that over time, your site slows to a crawl. To help combat dips in database performance, our platform will automatically fine tune your MySQL database settings based on the needs of your membership website. Our hosting plans also include weekly automatic database optimization. If our automated system detects something wrong that it can’t fix, our sysadmin team is notified.

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Let our migration team do all the heavy lifting

Moving a WordPress membership site requires experts who can solve unexpected issues along the way. Our migration experts will take care of the process, saving you time and money. We approach your site’s move as if it were our own, leveraging years of hosting and WordPress experience to get your site up and running just like it was before your move.

  • All our plans include free migrations
  • Fill out our site migration request form to get started
  • We keep you updated once your migration has started
  • Schedule your move for a time that suits you
  • Let our team handle all the complexities
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WordPress membership site hosting tools you need


Open source, enterprise-grade søgemaskine og analysemaskine til alle typer data. Brug Elasticsearch til at drive ekstremt hurtige søgninger på dit websted.


Set different versions of PHP for your live site and staging environment, and easily switch engines in one-click.

New Relic

Get granular visibility into your membership site’s performance in real-time, including all WordPress plugins, themes, database queries, custom code, and WordPress itself.


Brug Redis til at gemme værdier genereret af WordPress 'native objektcache på en vedvarende måde, så cachelagrede objekter kan genbruges mellem sideindlæsninger.

Ekstra diskplads

Images, videos, profile information, and discussions — data adds up fast! Add extra disk space to your plan in the MyKinsta dashboard for more storage when you need it.

Two-factor authentication

Access authenticator-based two factor authentication in the MyKinsta dashboard that doesn’t rely on mobile phones and can be used with popular password managers like 1Password and LastPass.

Staging enviroment

Speed up your development workflow with one-click staging for testing and fine-tuning before pushing new pages and features live.


Get six different types of automatic and manual backups, including hourly and six-hourly backup add-ons — essential for WordPress membership site with dynamic content.

MyKinsta dashboard

We built MyKinsta specifically for WordPress, so you’ll find all the WordPress-specific membership website hosting tools you need to create and move sites, configure for speed and security, view analytics, access 24/7 live chat support, and more. You can try the MyKinsta Demo for free!

Here for you. Around the clock.

Chat to one of our support engineers in real-time and get expert help with your WordPress membership site, whether it’s 2am or 2pm. Our team covers every time zone, working around the clock to assist customers in over 120 countries.

24/7 live support

Nedbrud af websteder fungerer ikke efter en tidsplan fra 9 til 5. De strejker ofte på de værst mulige tidspunkter, dag og nat. Derfor tilbyder vi kundesupport hver time, hver dag.

Dybdegående indsigt

Det er vores mål at sikre, at dit websted altid kører med højeste ydeevne. Derfor bruger vi New Relic til at fejlfinde, hvad der sker under emhætten, når dit websted har problemer.

Vi kender WordPress

Vores supportteam er det bedste i branchen, fordi vi kun ansætter WordPress-udviklere og Linux-ingeniører, herunder mange, der har administreret deres egne servere eller kodede Wordpress plugins.

Fokuseret på dig

Vi overvåger status på alle websteder, vi hoster hvert andet minut. I sjældne tilfælde vil dit WordPress-medlemswebsted falde ned, vil vores personale straks blive advaret og begynde at undersøge, inden du kontakter os.

Proaktiv overvågning

Vi overvåger status på alle websteder, vi hoster hvert andet minut. I sjældne tilfælde vil dit WordPress-medlemswebsted falde ned, vil vores personale straks blive advaret og begynde at undersøge, inden du kontakter os.

WordPress hostingmuligheder tilgængelig på alle planer

Configure Kinsta to meet your needs. Get all the features and tools you need to make the development and running of your WordPress membership site faster and your life easier.

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Praktiske funktioner

  • Server-niveau datalagring
  • WordPress eksperter
  • Free Cloudflare integration, which includes a secure firewall, DDoS protection, and HTTP/3 support.
  • Detailed analytics including bandwidth, CDN usage and insights, cache HIT and MISS ratio, and performance data
  • Self-healing PHP that auto-restarts if PHP goes down for any reason
  • Easy-to-use site creation and migration request wizard
  • WooCommerce-specific optimizations for ecommerce site

Værktøjer du vil elske

  • Automatic Cloudflare SSL certificates, or install your own custom SSL certificates in the MyKinsta dashboard
  • PHP-versionsskift
  • Purge site cache from the dashboard
  • Search and replace tool for bulk site updates (for example, change HTTP URLs to HTTPS or update old shortcodes)
  • Free Kinsta APM tool for monitoring and debugging WordPress performance issues.
  • Multi-user permissions and roles, allowing you to define access on both the site and company level
  • Enable WordPress debug mode through MyKinsta

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