Yes, Kinsta is proud to be a supporter of open source. We have a 15% monthly recurring discount on all WordPress web hosting plans for open source projects. If you prepay, you also get 15% off in addition to the two months free that for-profit customers get.

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Open source means it is software that can be freely used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone. Thousands of open source projects and companies currently using WordPress to power their websites, such as VersionPressBlender, Mattermost, and Matomo.

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Open Source Web Hosting Pricing Structure

This is an example of discounts applied taken from our plans page.

Plan Pricing Total with 15% Discount
Starter $35/month $29.75/month
Pro $70/month $59.50/month
Business 1 $115/month $97.75/month
Business 2 $225/month $191.25/month
Business 3 $340/month $289/month
Business 4 $450/month $382.50/month
Enterprise 1 $675/month $573.75/month
Enterprise 2 $1,000/month $850/month
Enterprise 3 $1,350/month $1,147.50/month
Enterprise 4 $1,650/month $1,402.50/month

How to Get Open Source Web Hosting Discount?

To get an open source discount for your company or project, please send over your website and or project. Once we’ve confirmed your status, we’ll apply the 15% discount to all your future payments. The open source site needs to have its own separate account to be able to get the discount.

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