You can find information about the cost of our hosting services on the Pricing page of the main Kinsta website.

The Billing documentation provides information about the following:

  • WordPress Hosting Plans: How to add a new plan, multiple plans, custom plans, and reseller and white label plans. You can also find out how to switch your WordPress Hosting plan, cancel your plan, and information about our legacy plans.
  • WordPress Add-Ons and Overages: Find out what happens when you exceed the limits within your plan, how to avoid extra fees, and what add-ons and upgrades are available.
  • WordPress Discounts: If you have an open-source project or you run a nonprofit company, you may be entitled to a discount on your WordPress Hosting plan. You can also get 2 months free if you switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan.
  • Static Site Pricing: Static Site Hosting at Kinsta is free up to certain limits, find out what the limits are and when we start charging for Static Site Hosting.
  • Application Pricing: A detailed explanation of how we calculate the bandwidth, build time, and pod usage on your Application Hosting invoices.
  • Database Pricing: A detailed explanation of how we calculate the database size, runtime, and egress bandwidth on your Database Hosting invoices.
  • Invoices: Find out how to view, print, download, and automatically email your invoices. You can also manage who has access to invoices.
  • Payment Methods: Where to add or update your credit or debit card details and what happens when a payment fails.
  • Account Credits – Find out when Kinsta applies credits to your Account Balance and how those credits are used.
  • Tax, VAT, and GST: In order to comply with tax regulations, if you’re located in a certain location, you may be subject to US Sales Tax, EU or UK VAT, or Indian GST.
  • Billing Info: Find out where to update your billing address.
  • FAQs: Answers to our most commonly asked billing questions.
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