WordPress Hosting for Agencies

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your clients’ sites are fast, safe and secure. Building, managing, and launching client sites has never been easier.

Kontakta Oss

Team and client collaboration

Give developers access to all or individual sites and staging environments, and give clients full control over their sites. Everyone gets their own login, so no need to worry about sharing credentials.

Problemfria övergångar

Schedule the best time to move your sites and let us take care of the rest. We use scripts and SSH—not plugins—to ensure zero data is lost, and keep you notified of your migration status. The more sites you move, the cheaper it gets.

High-performance hosting

We’re consistently one of the first WordPress hosts to release the latest versions of software, including PHP. Our roll-out of GCP compute-optimized C2 machines boosted performance for all Kinsta clients by up to 200%.

Blazing fast speeds

Choose from 20 Google Cloud Platform data centers located around the world for each of your client sites, no matter where they are based. We’ve also partnered up with KeyCDN, to further turbocharge the delivery of your assets and media.

Backups you can count on

Choose from manual and automated daily backups, system-generated backups that run when you perform important tasks, and downloadable backups. Hourly and six-hourly backup add-ons are also available.

Förenklad hemsidehantering

You’ll find all the tools you’re used to—phpMyAdmin, SSH/SFTP, redirects, logs and more. Easily upgrade and downgrade plans—ideal if your agency needs to scale up sites for holidays and events.

Get WordPress hosting for agencies that understands your business needs

Web development is an industry loaded with opportunities for upsells and recurring revenue. Odds are your clients could benefit from services that go beyond basic design and development. That’s why WordPress hosting for agencies has become an integral service offering—since you’ve developed your clients’ sites, they’ll naturally turn to you to host them.

Reselling web hosting services comes with challenges. Administering your own web server can be time-consuming and you need a certain level of expertise to keep your clients’ data safe, secure, and online. That’s why partnering with the right managed WordPress hosting solution, one that’s as obsessive about performance, security, and helping your agency scale—with competitive pricing that supports your profit margins—is non-negotiable.

At Kinsta, we understand that hosting client sites adds an extra layer of responsibility to your workflow. That’s why we were one of the first managed WordPress hosts to use Google Cloud Platform, putting the power of Google’s automatic scalability, state-of-the-art security, multi-regional deployment, and high-performance at your fingertips. We also take care of time-consuming server maintenance tasks so you can spend less time managing client sites and more time focusing on your core business.

Hantera och kör kund-webbplatser snabbare

Se våra hosting-paket

We’re constantly innovating

WordPress hosting for agencies is a maturing space with many hosting providers and a lot of innovation underway—and Kinsta is at the forefront of this change. We keep a close eye on Google Cloud Platform and other hosting technologies, always looking for new ways to further speed up and optimize agency sites.

Benefit from fast server-level caching that’s fine-tuned for WordPress and delivers a perfect balance between performance and functionality for your clients’ sites.

Our auto-scaling infrastructure is built entirely on Google Cloud Platform and is ready to handle sudden surges in traffic and load.

We continuously run malware scans, support GeoIP blocking, and automatically ban abusive IPs. Free SSL, SFTP, SSH, HTTP/2 and A+ ratings on Qualys SSL Labs are standard across all hosting plans.

Rest easy knowing your clients’ data is safe and secure with six types of backups. Sites are automatically backed up daily and can be instantly rolled back in case of a problem.

Enjoy competitive pricing with hosting that’s built specifically for WordPress, and cloud infrastructure that’s very different from traditional shared, VPS hosting, or dedicated servers.

Expert support from helpful humans who care

Providing fast and knowledgeable customer support is our modus operandi. Forget scripted replies. We have actual WordPress experts standing by, ready to help you 24/7.

WordPress experter

We speak fluent WordPress. No matter who you talk to on our support team, you’ll get someone experienced in troubleshooting, server maintenance, and theme and plugin development. They’ve probably contributed to WordPress core, too.

Single-tier support

The expertise of our support team is second to none. We only hire WordPress developers and Linux engineers and all clients have access to the same level of support. This means the team members assisting our Fortune 500 clients are the same people helping agencies on Business plans.

Help when you need it

Our support team is ready to help you 24/7, no matter where you are. We’ll tend to your issue ASAP, providing feedback and clear communication along the way. Our support team shares knowledge like a well-oiled machine, ensuring complex issues are quickly resolved.

Multilingual support

Get help in your preferred language. We offer multilingual support in Spanish, Dutch, French, German and Italian, Monday to Friday. Our dashboard and website are available in 10 languages so you can access our knowledge base, guides, and blog in your language.

Wordpress-hosting för agenturer precis som din

Att hantera mer än 100 webbplatser skapar potentialen för en överhettad teknisk support. Men övergången till Kinsta har minskat våra support-förfrågningar med cirka 50%. Våra webbplatser fungerar helt enkelt. De är aktiva, de är snabba, de är skyddade och de stöds (sakkunnigt). Och det gör att vi fullt ut kan ta hand om våra kunder, vilket gör att de blir (1) glada (98 +% bibehållen kundkrets) och (2) våra familjer matas! Kinsta gör att jag slipper spendera tid på saker som ligger utanför vår kontroll. Kinstas förmåga att göra det de gör befriar oss från det vi gör på ett sätt som vida överstiger vad vi har upplevt från andra förvaltade webbhotell.

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Chad Barnes
Högsta chefen, SkyrocketWP
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We make developers happy

Get access to the tools your agency’s developers know and need.

SSH, SFTP, WP-CLI, Composer and Git are standard across all our hosting packages.

Fast RESTful search and analytics engine capable of solving a growing number of use cases.

Öppen källa, minnesintern datastruktur affär, använd som en databas, cache och meddelandehanterare.

Custom development setups that make it easier to develop, maintain, and deploy WordPress sites.

WordPress starter theme that lets you build sites faster with a modern development workflow.

Set different versions of PHP for each live site and staging environment, and switch engines in one-click.

Inbyggd support för New Relic för detaljerade beskrivningar av prestanda-problem och felsökning.

Behöver du mer disk-utrymme för webbplatser med stora filer? Lägg till mer lagring till din plan från instrumentpanelen.

Gör en kopia av hela webbplatsen, inklusive databasen och allt innehåll och alla filer.

Hosting-funktioner tillgängliga i varje plan

Minska tiden som spenderas på prestanda, säkerhets och underhålls-frågor och spendera mer tid med att fokusera på dina kunder.

Kostnadsfria SSL certifikat

Installera Let´s Encrypt SSL certifikat med ett klick, eller installera dina egna anpassade SSL-certifikat i instrumentpanelen.

Lika säkert som Fort Knox

Vi använder Google Cloud Platform-brandvägg samt aktiv och passiv säkerhet för att förhindra tillgång till din data.

Själv-läkande PHP

Om PHP går ner av nån anledning, auto-startar vi den. Om det uppstår ett större problem, blir vårt team av system-administratörer underrättade.


Vi kör automatisk fin-justering av MySQL-databasen en gång per vecka, baserat på behovet hos dina WordPress-webbplatser.

Drifttids övervakning

Vi kollar statusen varannan minut på alla webbplatser som vi hostar. Det innebär 720 kontroller varje dag.

Snabb reaktions-tid

Vår driftstids-kontroll tillåter oss att reagera på problem i real-tid för support redan innan du kontaktar oss.

White-label cache-plugin

Finjustera helsides-caching och CDN-integrering med Kinsta´s MU plugin och white label Kinsta-märkta delar av administreringen.

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