Your Free Local WordPress Development Suite

Design, develop, and deploy WordPress sites from the comfort of your local machine. DevKinsta is free forever, and available for macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu. Used by 60,000+ developers, web designers, and freelancers.

What does DevKinsta do?

DevKinsta makes local site creation and development quick and easy. Spin up a single or Multisite WordPress site with Nginx, MariaDB, and more with a single click. Take advantage of local database and email management tools to develop themes, plugins, and custom sites, all on your local machine. When you’re ready to go live, push your site directly to Kinsta.

Local WordPress development for everyone

For developers, DevKinsta offers a local environment for developing WordPress themes, plugins, and more. DevKinsta is powered by Docker, which means your local WordPress sites are isolated and secured through containerization. Compared to VirtualBox, a virtualization technology used by other local development apps, Docker has a lower resource footprint and near-native performance.

For agencies, DevKinsta lets you test plugin and theme updates for your clients locally to avoid site-breaking changes in production. Copy down client sites and work on them locally. When you’re done, push changes to Kinsta with a single click. You can clone local sites to use as a basis for other sites or experiment with something new.

For designers, DevKinsta offers a local, secure, and fast environment for designing your sites, templates, themes. Debug HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through your local browser. Clone local sites for non-destructive testing, or starting off point for other projects.

For freelancers, DevKinsta lets you create, copy down, and edit WordPress local installs quickly and intuitively. Troubleshoot client sites offline and then push your work directly to a Kinsta staging environment then on to a live production site. Clone local sites for testing or as a basis for other projects.

What are users saying about DevKinsta?

DevKinsta screenshot creating new site

One-click WordPress site creation

Launch WordPress sites, including multisites, with a single click! Every DevKinsta site is powered by a modern hosting stack plus the latest version of WordPress Core. You’ll also get access to powerful tools like a built-in database manager, SMTP server, WP_DEBUG toggle, WP auto-updates toggle, site cloning, and more.

PHP 7.x and 8.x support

Use DevKinsta to test your site with the latest version of PHP in a safe environment. DevKinsta supports PHP 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3, and you can switch versions with just a few clicks. If your project is tied to a specific PHP version, DevKinsta lets you choose a version for your site.

DevKinsta email management

Local email management

DevKinsta ships with a powerful SMTP server and email testing tool. Catch and inspect outgoing emails to debug contact forms, marketing automations, site notifications, and more!

DevKinsta database mnger

Built-in database manager

DevKinsta includes Adminer, a lightweight database management tool. Use Adminer to edit WordPress database tables, execute SQL queries, and more.

DevKinsta push to staging screenshot

Seamless integration with MyKinsta

Create a MyKinsta account right from the app. Download your live site, work on it offline, and push it back to your Kinsta staging environment. Full integration with MyKinsta means you can easily merge DevKinsta into your current workflow.

A community of WordPress experts

As a tool built for website, plugin, and theme developers, DevKinsta is built for a robust community of WordPress users worldwide. Join our community forum to exchange with others, provide feedback, and contribute to shaping the future of DevKinsta.

Powered by Docker

DevKinsta leverages the power of Docker to create a secure and fast local WordPress development experience. With Docker, your local site’s hosting stack is automatically containerized and optimized for security and near-native performance no matter what host OS you’re running.

DevKinsta multilingual support

Available for macOS, Windows, and Linux in 10 languages

DevKinsta is available as a free download for macOS, Windows, and Linux/Ubuntu. In addition to English, DevKinsta also supports French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, and Danish.

How to Install and Use DevKinsta

Webinar: How to Install and Use DevKinsta

Do you need help with installing and using DevKinsta? Check out our webinar created by a developer, for developers. Our webinar runs frequently, so find a time that fits your schedule and register now!