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Definitive WooCommerce Guide to Boost Ecommerce Sales

In this in-depth WooCommerce guide we share tips and strategies to help you achieve higher conversion rates and boost ecommerce sales.

Complete Guide on Blogging Rules & Etiquette for Success

A great blog involves more than just writing. It’s about outreach and joining conversations. Check out this guide on blogging rules & etiquette for success.

What is HTTP/2 – The Ultimate Guide

This extensive guide on the new HTTP/2 protocol explains what the new transfer protocol is all about, how it works and why it is going to speed up the web. Whether you’re an end-user, developer or innovative business you’ll find all you need to know in this one-stop guide.

Taking Your Small Business Online – The Honey Elixir Project

An extensive guidebook about achieving online success for your business. The critical stages in leading your start-up to online success are illustrated through a story of an everyday guy becoming an Internet magnate. Filled with examples and loads of practical advices.

WordPress in the Service of Education

WordPress provides infinite ways to produce and share content. Why not use it for education? There are many services, plugins and themes that expand WordPress in a way that it becomes the perfect online tool for everything education related – a perfect market for our favorite open source tool!

The History of WordPress, its Ecosystem and Community

With over 22% of all websites running WordPress is the most popular content management system on the planet. We thought we’d take a look at how it transformed from a simple blogging system into its current form and how its community and ecosystem was born.

WordPress Communities Around The World

What makes WordPress so powerful? No doubt, its community! Plugin and theme developers, contributors, WordPress Meetup and WordCamp organizers who work to make the platform better every day. There are WordPress communities all around the globe, let’s get to know them better.

WordPress and the GPL – Everything You Need to Know

If you use WordPress, the GPL matters, and you should understand it. It is called the WordPress bill of rights and defines how WordPress is utilized—by users and developers alike. Check out the most comprehensive guide about the WordPress’ licensing model – the GPL.

A Beginner’s Guide to Website Speed Optimization

The importance of website speed needs no introduction. This six chapter, in-depth website speed optimization guide demonstrates the importance of high-performance websites along and gives essential DIY instructions so you can start optimizing your own site right now!