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How to Optimize the Critical Rendering Path in WordPress

The Critical Rendering Path is the sequence of tasks the browser performs to first render a page on the screen, i.e. to download, process and convert …

Learn WordPress

Definitive WooCommerce Guide to Boost Ecommerce Sales

In this in-depth WooCommerce guide we share tips and strategies to help you achieve higher conversion rates and boost ecommerce sales.

11 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (Reviewed and Compared)

You’ve pieced together your new WordPress site like a work of art. Everything’s in place: the logo, About Us page, a small eCommerce store, menu, and …

WordPress Sitemap Guide: What It Is and How to Use It

If you’ve ever sat down and read an article on SEO, you’ve probably come across the terms sitemap and/or XML sitemap. But while sitemaps are a …

Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Devin Walker

You can find Devin on LinkedIn or Twitter. This is our recent interview with him, as part of our Kinsta Kingpin series. Q1: What is your background, & how did …

Top Kinsta resource articles

We never stop improving

MyKinsta is constantly in development. We’re always shipping new features based on requests made by our users.

  • 06

    India Data Center Is Now Available in Mumbai

    We always roll out new locations alongside Google Cloud Platform and are excited to announce that the data center in Mumbai, India is now available for …

  • 06

    New Entry-Tier Plans Starting $30/Month Now Available

    We’ve heard your feedback over the past couple years and are excited to announce the launch of our entry-tier plans, starting at $30/month and $60/month. The new …

  • 06

    CDN Integration Launched

    The performance of your WordPress sites has and always will remain one of the top priorities for us. Because of that, we have partnered up with KeyCDN, …

  • 06

    Move to a Visitor-Based Pricing Model

    We have changed our pricing model from bandwidth to visitor-based. The primary reason for doing this is because the bandwidth-based pricing model was simply too confusing for clients. …

  • 18

    South America Data Center is Now Available (São Paulo, Brazil)

    As previously stated, we’ll be rolling out new locations here at Kinsta as Google Cloud Platform does. We know some of you have been waiting for this …

  • 10

    MyKinsta Analytics Revamped to Give You More Data

    One thing we love here at Kinsta is data. That’s why we have completely revamped MyKinsta Analytics. You can now quickly gain insights into what is …

  • 03

    All 11 Google Cloud Platform Locations Now Available

    We’ve been busy behind the scenes and are excited to announce that all 11 Google Cloud Platform data center locations are now available! This infrastructure change allows …

  • 08

    Redirect Rules Are Now Available On My Kinsta

    We just rolled out the ability to add redirect rules from right within your MyKinsta dashboard! This has been a highly requested feature and you can …

  • 28

    Cloning Your WordPress Sites

    We are excited to announce that you can now clone your WordPress sites with just a few simple clicks. Create a copy of both your live …

  • 13

    PHP 7.1 Now Available On My Kinsta

    We are constantly dedicated to bringing you the latest stable versions of PHP as soon as we have thoroughly tested it throughout our environment. Today we are excited …

  • 25

    Error Logs Now Visible On My Kinsta

    We’re continuously working to bring you more and more information on the My Kinsta dashboard. Today we’re releasing error logs, which can help you debug your …

  • 06

    Restore Backups To Staging

    Today we’ve rolled out a new feature that should help in the development of small and large websites alike. It is now possible to restore a …

  • 14

    Custom New Relic Tracking

    Today we’re rolling out a new feature for our Google Cloud customers which will allow you to deep-dive into your website stats by adding your own …

  • 30

    Free SSL Support Now Available Via Let’s Encrypt

    We’re stoked to announce a great feature today that will not only increase security for sites hosted with us, but will save our clients money! We’ve …

  • 15

    Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Now Available

    Security is one of our main priorities here at Kinsta and today we’re taking a big leap forward helping you to keep your account safe. We’ve …

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