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17 WordPress Membership Themes to Spruce Up Your Community-Driven Business

If you're looking for the best WordPress membership theme, look no further. We'll help pick the ideal theme that integrates with all membership plu...

Updating WooCommerce: A Safe and In-Depth Guide for 2020

Need to update your online store to the latest release? Use these tools and checklist to make sure your WooCommerce update runs smoothly!

19 Free Slack Alternatives (Hosted, Self-Hosted, and Open Source)

Looking for the best slack alternatives? Check out this list of free apps for team communication featuring collaboration tools, chat, and more.

How to Install WordPress Locally (Windows, macOS, Linux)

Sometimes it can be more convenient to work with WordPress on your own machine. Check out how to install WordPress locally using XAMPP, WAMP, or MAMP.

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress User Roles and Capabilities

Explore WordPress user roles and capabilities in depth. Learn how to edit and create custom user roles & capabilities with code or WP user roles pl...

Bitbucket vs GitHub: Which Code Repository Is Better for Your Development Projects?

Need to decide where to host your code? Check out this in-depth comparison of Bitbucket vs GitHub to help you pick the right solution for your needs

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