¿Qué hace que Kinsta sea el mejor proveedor de alojamiento Multisite de WordPress?

If you’re looking for the best WordPress Multisite hosting solution, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you are hosting client sites, running a business site, or managing a community network for a college or university, Kinsta is the right solution for your needs.

Powered exclusively by the Google Cloud Platform and supported by WordPress experts, Kinsta offers innovative solutions for setting up and managing a WordPress Multisite network as simply as possible.

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Multisite networks come with a unique set of challenges and obstacles that make scalability and uptime especially critical. If you’re using a shared, cheap, or unreliable hosting provider, the chances that your whole network will go down and become unreachable skyrocket.

The hosting provider you choose also influences how easy it is to set up and manage your WordPress sites. Every day we hear from clients who are curious to learn about what makes Kinsta unique, and are looking for a reliable, all-in-one solution for their WordPress Multisite setups.

That’s what we’ll answer here. We’ll discuss what distinguishes Kinsta from other WordPress hosting providers, and explore the benefits of using Kinsta as your Multisite hosting solution.

The Kinsta platform is built for performance, speed, and scalability

Unique Infrastructure

Unlike other hosting providers, Kinsta doesn’t fall into any of the categories of traditional hosting, such as shared, VPS, or dedicated. Kinsta’s unique, powerful infrastructure was built from scratch to enable us to deliver unparalleled performance. Our platform is backed by the innovative technology and resources needed to support WordPress Multisite networks.

C2 Machines From $60

Starting at just $60 per month, Kinsta Pro plans (and higher) include all the technical elements needed to seamlessly run and manage a WordPress Multisite network. Our compute-optimized latest generation C2 Google Cloud machines enable our customers to see significant improvements in average response times.

Built Around Containers

We also use LXD-managed hosts and LXC software containers for every site hosted on our platform. This means that your entire network will have its own isolated container equipped with all the necessary resources, including MySQL, PHP, Linux, and Nginx.

Seamless Site Management

This is important because, unlike with traditional shared hosts, you won’t have to worry about sharing resources or your network being compromised. You can also launch a new WordPress Multisite quickly and directly from MyKinsta dashboard, which is our custom, intuitive portal designed for easy site management.

Incredible Site Performance

Our custom-compiled Linux packages and Nginx rulesets enable us to maximize the performance of your WordPress sites, as well as more than 30 different software packages and PHP extensions. Plus, our auto-scaling infrastructure enables you to upgrade or downgrade with ease.

Data Centers Where You Need Them

For each site on your Multisite network, you can choose from any of our 24 global data centers. This means you can strategically select any of our locations worldwide for every site to reduce network latency and ensure lightning-fast loading times.

Another way we can help optimize the speed and performance of your Multisite network is through our unique caching system. We use a variety of caching solutions to eliminate the need for external plugins or add-ons. This is particularly helpful when you’re managing multiple WordPress sites. To reduce server load and accelerate response times, we use Bytecode, Query cache, Page, and CDN cache, as well as support for Object cache if needed.

Es como si la gente de Kinsta intentara con cualquier otra compañía de hospedaje y luego pensaran "hmmm... ¿qué podríamos hacer mejor?" Todo lo relacionado con la experiencia del producto, el soporte al cliente las 24 horas del día y el contenido útil que producen hace que la experiencia de alojamiento sea la mejor posible.

Pero lo mejor es su infraestructura para administrar los sitios web, así como la forma en que se superpone a la plataforma de alojamiento más grande y de peor calidad del mundo, Google Cloud.

Administración del sitio MyKinsta
MyKinsta Panel de Control

MyKinsta: A dashboard for better WordPress Multisite management

At Kinsta, our mission is to make managing your WordPress Multisite network as simple as possible. One of the ways we do that is with our custom user portal.

Built specifically for WordPress site management, the MyKinsta dashboard is packed with powerful features and developer-friendly tools that make managing and maintaining your sites quick and easy. This includes:

  • Quick phpMyAdmin access.
  • One-click staging environments and an option to restore backups to production or staging.
  • Site labeling and renaming tools for easy filtering and categorization of your sites.
  • Simple redirect management.
  • Detailed analytics and insights for all your sites, including bandwidth and visitor data, performance analysis data, CDN usage and insights, and cache HIT and MISS ratio.
  • Five different types of backups: automatic/daily, optional hourly, manual, system generated, and downloadable.
  • Premium Amazon Route 53 DNS to manage your DNS records directly in the dashboard.
  • Search and replace tool for easy bulk updates.
  • One-click PHP version switching and the option to restart PHP.
  • Dashboard tool to purge site cache.
  • The ability to use custom setups such as Bedrock and Trellis.
  • One-click CDN setup.
  • Ability to quickly and easily block IP addresses via the IP Deny tool.
  • New Relic integration.
  • Free one-click Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, and the option to import your own.
  • WordPress debugging tool.
  • Option to strengthen login security by adding your SSH keys to the dashboard.
  • Multilingual dashboard that’s available in 10 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, and Dutch.
  • Unrestricted access to your site’s critical files and access to Git, WP-CLI, and SSH included with every plan.
  • A Redis add-on for quicker database performance, and an Elasticsearch add-on for faster search.
  • The option to load your site over reverse proxy.

One Click Migration

We understand how important cloning and staging environments are for testing plugins, themes, and core updates, to ensure that they won’t break your websites before pushing them live. That’s why we offer one-click staging.

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Environment Cloning

You have the option of cloning an existing environment, or creating a new subdirectory or subdomain staging site to test features before pushing them live within your network. Plus, you can do it all directly from your MyKinsta dashboard! You can even restore backups to a production or staging site.

Ya no tenemos que preocuparnos por el alojamiento y el tiempo de inactividad. Antes de mudarnos a Kinsta necesitábamos pensar en la velocidad, la eficiencia y cómo vamos a desplegar nuestro material. Pero ya no, Kinsta lo hace todo por nosotros.

Get demo access to MyKinsta free for 60 days.

Multisite domain mapping, site labeling, and multi-user management

With Kinsta as your host, you can configure WordPress Multisite from your MyKinsta dashboard with just one click. When you use our auto-installer for WordPress, you’re presented with the option to activate Multisite at the same time simply by checking a box. You can choose between subdomains and subdirectories, and set up domain mapping.

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Categories and Tags

Similar to how you can organize your WordPress content using categories and tags, our site labeling tool lets you assign custom labels to your sites for easy filtering and categorization. You can arrange the site lists by name, total number of visits, bandwidth usage, and disk usage.

Rename sites

Additionally, you can rename sites within MyKinsta to change the display name of your sites. Whether you recently changed your domain name, are rebranding, or have another motivation to modify the title of your site, the MyKinsta renaming tool lets you do it in a few simple clicks.

Multi-User Feature

Kinsta also offers a multi-user feature that lets you add unlimited users and configure their access levels. For example, you can grant them access to all of your sites or just the billing area, or you can add them as developers and administrators to a subset of sites. You can also define MyKinsta user roles at the company and site levels.

Amo a todos los que están detrás del increíble equipo de apoyo de Kinsta... Ellos son mis Súper Héroes. En 15 años desarrollé miles de sitios web WP alojados en cientos de proveedores de hospedaje. Hace 4 años descubrí Kinsta y fue un amor desde una "primera vista".

Dedicated security features to keep your network safe

At Kinsta, we take security seriously. This is why we implement both active and passive measures to safeguard your sites and network from intruders and malicious activity.

Our core security features include:

  • Premium uptime monitoring every two minutes for all WordPress sites, via an in-house developed monitoring system
  • Strict software-based restrictions
  • Detecting DDoS attacks as they happen, and stopping malicious code from entering our network
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) support
  • GeoIP blocking
  • A Google Cloud Platform firewall
  • Automated backups for all plans
  • Certificados de SSL gratuitos
  • Isolated LXC containers
  • Only support for encrypted SFTP and SSH connections (no FTP)

If we are notified of an issue with your Multisite network, we’ll reach out immediately to discuss the next steps. We also offer a 100% hack-fix guarantee, meaning that if one of your sites is hacked or infected with malware, we’ll fix or remove it for free.

From your MyKinsta dashboard, you’ll also be able to view your log files. This gives you a quick way to troubleshoot problems without having to go through your SFTP client.

Premium 24/7 support from WordPress experts

At Kinsta, our support team considers every customer a mission-critical priority, which is why we don’t offer tiered support. Our WordPress experts and Linux engineers offer premium support 24/7 on all plans, and are always ready to provide quick, knowledgeable advice and answers to your questions and concerns.

We use the Intercom customer messaging platform to make our customer support as quick and convenient as possible. We also provide an impressive initial ticket response time of under two minutes! In addition to offering multilingual support, our resources are available in over 10 languages.

Un gran rendimiento y un apoyo excelente y receptivo. Como proveedor de WordPress gestionado, gran parte del ajuste de rendimiento que intentarías implementar por tu cuenta en el caso de un proveedor de gama baja se realiza aquí. La capacidad de clonar un sitio de ida y vuelta entre un entorno de montaje, para hacer múltiples cambios antes de empujarlos en vivo de una sola vez, es grandiosa.

Leverage Kinsta’s global footprint and premium CDN

Kinsta has a massive global footprint that includes over 24 data center locations spanning five continents. This makes it easy for you to pick a different data center for each of the websites in your WordPress Multisite network, with no extra fees or hidden charges!

Our locations include:

  • Council Bluffs, Iowa, EE.UU.
  • London, Reino Unido
  • Sydney, Australia
  • St. Ghislain, Bélgica
  • Condado de Changhua, Taiwán
  • Mumbai, India
  • The Dalles, Oregon, EE.UU.
  • Ashburn, Virginia, EE.UU.
  • Moncks Corner, Carolina del Sur, EE.UU.
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Seoul, Corea del Sur
  • Salt Lake City, EE.UU.
  • Frankfurt, Alemania
  • Jurong West, Singapur
  • Tokyo, Japón
  • Montréal, Canadá
  • Eemshaven, Países Bajos
  • Hamina, Finlandia
  • Los Angeles, California, EE.UU.
  • Hong Kong
  • Zürich, Suiza
  • Osaka, Japón
  • Las Vegas, EE.UU.

Free CDN in every plan

In addition to free bandwidth, all Kinsta plans include a free CDN, which you can quickly and easily enable for your sites through the MyKinsta dashboard.

To do that, we’ve partnered with KeyCDN, a premium HTTP/2 and IPv6-enabled Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our content delivery architecture is built specifically for high throughput and low latency. Your content will be delivered and cached from our CDN’s 34 POPs across the globe.

Only Premium Google Products

Kinsta is the first host to be powered exclusively by the Google Cloud Platform. Google’s premium-tier network positions us to maximize the speed, security, and performance of each site hosted on our platform.

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To recap, some of the advantages of Kinsta’s WordPress hosting include:

¡Tenemos una experiencia fantástica al tratar con Kinsta para nuestras soluciones de alojamiento! La calidad del alojamiento es simplemente de primera categoría.

Ese es el gran producto. Pero aún mejor, ¡es la increíble experiencia del cliente que obtenemos de Kinsta!
Nuestra propia compañía ha estado en el negocio durante 50 años y todos estos años nos enorgullecemos desde el principio de haber entendido que los negocios giran en torno a clientes satisfechos y pensamos que estábamos haciendo un gran trabajo de ello - hasta que conocimos a Kinsta.

El equipo de apoyo de Kinsta es tan espontáneo, (créeme, cuando dicen que normalmente respondemos en unos pocos minutos, ¡quieren decir segundos!).

Todas y cada una de las personas de soporte con las que nos cruzamos en estos 14 meses tenían una cosa en común: estaban ansiosos por resolver nuestros problemas (casi todos ellos no estaban realmente conectados al hosting y deberían haber sido resueltos por nosotros), pero lo hacen con alegría y con una disposición a resolver el problema que no he encontrado en mis 40 años de experiencia empresarial.

Tanto que ahora hemos empezado a emular esta amabilidad en nuestro personal de apoyo. Nuestra página de contacto ahora dice "normalmente respondemos en unos pocos minutos (durante las horas de trabajo)"

¡Kinsta lo hace los 365 días! Vender un gran producto es fácil - mantener al cliente contento es el aspecto más difícil del ciclo de negocios. ¡Kinsta se adelanta en este espacio de forma sorprendente!

Free Website Migrations

If you’re interested in moving your site to the Kinsta WordPress hosting platform, we’re now offering migraciones gratuitas ilimitadas!

One of the things that makes Kinsta the best WordPress Multisite hosting provider out there is that we offer quick and seamless migrations. Whether you want to move one site or 100, our experts handle the entire migration process for you. You won’t have to deal with any complex or confusing technology, or the risk of losing critical data on any of the sites within your network.

To get started, all you have to do is fill out our site migration request form. One of our team members will be in touch to figure out the most convenient time to schedule the migration. You’ll also be able to track the migration’s status directly from your MyKinsta dashboard.

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Kinsta ha sido la columna vertebral de nuestra presencia en Internet. Alojarse con Kinsta significa estar en manos seguras con una infraestructura que cuida de todas nuestras necesidades. Excelente velocidad, servicio y calidad. ¡Hospedaje web de 5 estrellas como debe hacerse!

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