wordpress data center

Choose Your Data Center

A different data center for each site

Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform’s multi-regional deployment mode. This means that you aren’t restricted to a single data center for your account - you can choose a different data center for each of your websites.

Google offers 12 locations throughout the USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America. They are strategically placed to offer the lowest latency anywhere in the world.

free WordPress migrations

Free Site Migrations

Our support team takes care of everything for you

Migration can be a headache and a chore, but not at Kinsta! Tell us what you need and our expert migration team will take care of everything for you. We’ll assign a temporary domain to your migrated site so you can check everything before pointing your domain to the Kinsta servers.

Safe, secure and hassle free. Lay back and let our engineers do their thing. Your site will be up and running on Kinsta without you having to lift a finger.

We now fully support free SSL via Let's Encrypt. learn more
WordPress support

Expert Support

Real WordPress experts at your fingertips

We employ real WordPress experts. Our team has experience in freelance and corporate work, they’ve created free and premium WordPress themes, plugins, they regularly check in on the WordPress support forum to help out and have even contributed to the WordPress core code.

Let our support team put all that experience to work for you. If you need help with migrations, run into any issues with your site or just need some advice: let us know. We’re here to help you make the best site possible.

Fast WordPress architecture

Speed Obsessive Architecture

We're perfectionists when it comes to site speed

We’ve built our architecture from the ground up to be lightning fast. We use state-of-the-art technology like Nginx, PHP 7, LXD containers and MariaDB to make sure your website loads in the blink of an eye.

Our architecture is powered by Google Cloud which provides significant speed boosts and automatic scalability - protected by Google’s infrastructure. We are always working on ways to shave precious milliseconds off your loading times.

WordPress staging environment

Staging Areas

One-click staging areas for all your sites

Create a perfect copy of your live site in a sandboxed environment at any time. Use it for running tests, developing the latest and greatest version of your website, tweaking and tuning your existing design or for testing how a new plugin would work.

Your developers will love our staging areas, it only takes one click to create them - you get access to sFTP details, the MySQL database and all the files as soon as the staging site is created and you get automatic daily backups just like in live environments.

WordPress security

High Security Network

Active and passive protection for all your sites

We take security very seriously, implementing active and passive measures to stop attacks and malicious intent in its tracks. We monitor your sites every minute for uptime, detect DDoS attacks as they happen and proactively stop malicious code from entering our network.

We provide SSL support via any 3rd party provider, including the free Let's encrypt certificate system.

Hardware firewalls are in place and have very tight software based restrictions and malware scanning daemons that run continuously in the background to protect your WordPress site. The bottom line is: your site is monitored and secured 24/7.

next generation solutions

Next Generation Solutions

We use cutting edge tech to stay the best

We employ only the best technology, from our server hardware to the software we run. On the hardware side Google Cloud Platform gives us a reliable, fast, secure and extremely scalable foundation on which to build our services.

On the software side we use LXD, a next generation hypervisor which isolates each site and ensures all your instances run without a hitch. We utilize blazing fast PHP7 / HHVM, HTTP/2, Nginx, and MariaDB to optimize performance across the board.

Automatic WordPress backups

Always Backed Up

Automatic all-encompassing daily backups

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality service which includes preparing for the worst. LXD - combined with ZFS - allows us to create backups of your complete isolated system instantly without any server overhead.

Our automated backup system creates restore points almost instantaneously every day. Backups can be restored with the click of a button. You can sleep safe in the knowledge that we are always ready to roll back your site at a moment's notice.

WordPress Hack Fixes

Hack Fix Guarantee

We have you covered if the worst happens

We have hardware firewalls, active and passive security, by-the-minute uptime checks and scores of other advanced features to prevent attackers from gaining access to your data. If, despite our best efforts, your site is compromised we’ll fix it for free.

WordPress custom hosting dashboard

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Manage your websites and account with ease

Our dashboard gives you easy access to all our features. Whether you want to add a new site, deploy a staging server, clone a WordPress site, view detailed site analytics or request a migration - it’s all there in one easy-to-use interface.

Wait, there's more!

We're adding more and more features every day! Check out our feature updates page for a list of new features as they become available.

Developer Features

PHP 7, SSH, WP-CLI, Composer, Git

PHP 7 is the fastest server side language available today and we'll host your site on it by default. This results in lower resource usage and significant speed increases for all your websites. You can change between PHP Engines from within the MyKinsta dashboard with a single click. We offer current and supported PHP versions: 5.6, 7, and 7.1. HHVM is also available.

We support amazing developer tools out of the box. We'll give you SSH access so you can use WP-CLI, Composer and Git to automate your workflow and create better developer environments via terminal commands.

If you prefer to manipulate databases with tools like HeidiSQL or Sequel Pro, you'll be happy to know that we support secure SSH tunneling into databases stored on our Google Cloud servers.

One-Click Staging Sites

Do you need a sandboxed location to test some new plugins on real content? Are you making a new version of your site or want to achieve a local - staging - production environment? You’ll love our one click staging sites feature!

Clone WordPress Sites

Building a template for a new client? You can easily clone any of your live sites or staging environments with a single click. This speeds up your workflow and allows for more granular separation of sites.

Next Generation Technology

Each site is isolated within a container created with LXD - the latest and greatest container technology from the developers of Ubuntu. Combined with the power of PHP 7, Nginx and Maria DB your sites will handle traffic spikes and large load cases with ease.

Our Clients Love Us

Mark Shingleton

Can't rate the experience with the crew of @Kinsta highly enough. Fantastic WordPress hosting and brilliant support!

Lucian Florian

Once again @Kinsta delivers the best performance. 1.12s loading time vs 3.16s on @HeyFlywheel - 1.3mb unoptimized home page

Michael Jones

Just upgraded to @Kinsta for one of my clients. Best decision ever. I ♡ Kinsta.