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In The Press

Kinsta: building a better hosting service with Google Cloud Platform. (Case Study)

A case study on how Google Cloud Platform helped Kinsta to create a reliable, scalable infrastructure that could be customized according to its needs.

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kinsta woocommerce review

Ecommerce-Platforms: It easily pays for itself, your customers will notice the difference!

Both small and mid-sized online businesses can benefit from the performance boost, and larger companies typically need some sort of expert management like this.

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MyThemeShop: Kinsta is in a league of its own when it comes to premium WordPress hosting.

Combined with their outstanding service and deep WordPress knowledge, Kinsta is the top choice for ultra-stable high-performance WordPress hosting.

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Google Cloud Platform Recommends Kinsta for WordPress Hosting.

For automatic software updates and security patches, consider using a provider such as Kinsta which offers fully-managed WordPress solutions.

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kinsta review on venasnews

Venasnews: Kinsta is The Best Hosting Company for Websites with Heavy Traffic

If you have a WordPress website receiving more than 10,000 daily visitors, you better host with Kinsta.

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The Sport Review: The speed of everything pretty much doubled after the migration, from loading and publishing posts, to all front-end requests.

Brilliant support, blazing fast set-up. We love that Kinsta is WordPress-only. It means we have faith that the support we receive will be tailored to problems with our specific platform, which wasn’t the case previously.

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wpblog kinsta hosting review

WPBlog: Performance which speaks for itself, Kinsta is a no brainer.

From their knowledgeable support team, to performance which speaks for itself, and the amazing dashboard which makes managing your sites a breeze, Kinsta is a no brainer.

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bloggerideas kinsta review

Bloggerideas: Kinsta is setting new milestones in WordPress hosting and earning a high reputation in their niche.

The speeds offered by Kinsta are much better than WP Engine and at an outstanding rate. This shows that Kinsta is actually a high-performance hosting provider.

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kinsta review on fatstackblog

Jon Dykstra from Fatstacksblog: My Kinsta Hosting Review After 3 Months (22 Sites Hosted)

I’m still with Kinsta and couldn’t be happier.  It’s the first hosting service with which my sites, especially bigger sites are blazing fast.  I’ll explain how they helped me achieve this below.

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Ghacks: Kinsta support is very knowledgeable about WordPress, and the time it takes to get a reply is Flash-like fast.

Ghacks recently migrated to Kinsta, due to their old hosting provider getting slower over time and their website sometimes not being accessible. It took less than two hours to move the site to Kinsta and switch over the DNS. In this post, they discuss their infrastructure changes.

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wpshout kinsta review

WPShout’s WordPress Hosting Review 2017: The Results

“Their support is first rate. Every response has been within minutes, and every response has been clear and constructive. Support is the number one reason I love Kinsta.”

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Why Faster Hosting is More Important Than Scores

See why faster WordPress hosting is more important than a 90+ Google PageSpeed Insight’s score.

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Kinsta hosting review

Dart-Creations: Managed WordPress Hosting at Google Speed

If you’re a speed fanatic, you can’t really get any better than this!

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WPInnovator Podcast – WordPress Hosting With Brian Jackson

The show is about managed WordPress hosting. What is it and how it can help you supercharge your business.

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review signal

Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review (2016)

Kinsta put on another marvelous performance across every single price bracket. For the third year in a row they earned Review Signal’s Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance award.

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wpmudev kinsta review

Kinsta Managed Hosting Review: Blazingly Fast and Solid Features

Kinsta is a relative new-comer to the WordPress managed hosting scene, but since launching in 2013 has quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

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wp tavern

Lizz Ehrenpreis Wins Kinsta’s $1,500 Travel Scholarship

Lizz Ehrenpreis, who resides in Portland, Oregon is the winner of the Kinsta WordCamp US scholarship.

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kinsta review at designbombs

Kinsta Hosting Review: A Powerful Managed WordPress Host

Kinsta is a fantastic host to choose if your business relies on WordPress. Whether you started with a small blog, ecommerce shop or web development company, you’ll reach a point where quality is considered more than price and budget are.

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wp tavern

Kinsta to Award $1,500 Travel Scholarship for WordCamp US – WP Tavern

Kinsta is happy to offer one travel scholarship to WordCamp US valued at $1,500.

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review signal

Kinsta Named Top Tier Again in 2016 Review Signal Benchmarks

Review Signal just released their annual 2016 WordPress hosting performance benchmarks and we are excited that Kinsta once again proved to be one of the best companies across all tiers! Kinsta had essentially perfect LoadStorm and Blitz tests. They also had no flaws in any other tests. I’m at a loss for words to praise […]

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Kinsta on WPLift

Kinsta: High-Performance Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta has been providing high-performance managed WordPress hosting to businesses and enterprises. If you’re looking for quality and service rather than latte-priced shared hosting, you should keep reading.

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kinsta on techcrunch

TechCrunch: We’re meeting in Columbus on Wednesday

We’re happy to sponsor TechCrunch’s latest meetup in Columbus, Ohio.

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Kinsta seen on Thenextweb

How TheNextWeb works to make sure you love using our site

One of the main goals is to reduce the loading time of the site. According to a recent study, every one second extra loading time causes satisfaction to drop by 16 percent.

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Kinsta on the Unbounce blog

11 Ways to Accelerate Page Load Time Before Your Prospects Bounce

If an ecommerce page fails to load in under 3 seconds, it stands to lose nearly half its traffic. As a result, some of the savviest online brands now load in under a second.

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Kinsta in the press

Do People Think Your Ecommerce Business Name Is ‘500 error’? Upgrade Your Web Hosting Now.

A hosting solution should not only keep your website up and running but also bring in those coveted conversions.

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wordstream logo

5 Deadly Landing Page Mistakes Sabotaging Your Results

Sending paid traffic to unoptimized landing pages is like scarfing down a Big Mac on your way to the gym. You’re undermining your own efforts!

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Kinsta press coverage

Why Mobile-First Is the Only Design Worth Your Investment

There are many advantages to starting from scratch when building an optimized website. But two of the biggest that affect conversions and SEO — your information architecture and site speed.

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Kinsta is a top rated hosting company

Biggest WordPress Hosting Survey to Date, Kinsta “Top rated WordPress hosting”

CodeinWP’s first WordPress hosting survey had one goal. It was to name the top recommended hosting company for WordPress.

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six revisions kinsta review

Kinsta is an Excellent WordPress Hosting Solution

Kinsta offers managed, cutting-edge, high-performance WordPress hosting that’s focused on the needs of enterprises, high-traffic websites, and bloggers. Unlike general-purpose web hosting, Kinsta has the advantage of being able to configure their web servers to make WordPress as fast as possible.

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Kinsta press mention.

Why Speed is Now Your Most Important Feature

Make your website profitable by focusing on website speed today. Kinsta will make a significant different out-of-the box tools you need to fine-tune your site even further.

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kinsta in the press

Kinsta – WordPress As You’ve Always Dreamed

Kinsta makes your life managing WordPress sites much better. It allows you to run things more smoothly. It’s safer, stronger, faster. Yeah, it’ll pretty much turn you into a Superman or Superwoman at running your sites.

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kinsta in the press

Kinsta Becomes First Managed WordPress Host Exclusively Powered By Google Cloud Platform And LXD Containers

Kinsta, the largest managed WordPress hosting firm in Europe, has revamped their infrastructure entirely and has become the first managed WordPress host exclusively powered by Google Cloud Platform.

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Kinsta press mentions

2016 guide to free online SEO training courses

Speed is an increasingly important factor for achieving online success. Looking for a quick tutorial instead? Check out Kinsta’s Beginner’s Guide to Website Speed Optimization.

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convinceandconvert logo

6 Ways to Attract Return Visitors to Your Blog

Slow websites kill traffic. According to Kinsta, every one-second delay in loading time leads to a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction and an 11 percent drop in page views. Your visitors won’t be patient enough to return to a slow site.

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Kinsta Review – High Performance WordPress Hosting

“All in all I couldn’t be happier with my migration to Kinsta. I think WP Engine has lost their focus when it comes down to those of us who really care about speed. I hope this Kinsta review gives you something to think about. I recommend giving them a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

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How the Hosting Industry Really Works. A Podcast with Kinsta CEO Sean O’Brien

Our very own COO – Sean O’Brien – was featured in episode 28 of Inbound Unboxed, a weekly podcast series exploring the greatest inbound marketing tools and technology. Sean spoke about why your site needs a CDN, how to migrate your site with ease, factors to consider when choosing a host, hosting prices, marketing tools […]

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WordPress Hosting Review 2016: The Results

“Kinsta allowed me to shut down many expensive VPS and hosting accounts and consolidate under 1 account at lower cost and much higher stability.” “The best host is the one you almost don’t even know about. I can almost forget where my blogs are hosted: they are fast, 100% available, and I don’t have to […]

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Managed WordPress Host Kinsta Growing Rapidly, Expands in the U.S.

“With an expansion into the U.S. market and the hiring of former Pagely executive Sean O’Brien, managed WordPress hosting provider Kinsta is certainly laying down a marker for the competition to make note of. With customers in 50 countries spread across 11 global data centers, Kinsta is already the largest managed WordPress hosting firm headquartered […]

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Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review

“Kinsta aced the LoadStorm test. It had zero errors and one of the fastest average response times at 316ms. Kinsta also had the absolute lowest peak response time at 942ms. That’s an astonishing feat, that over 30 minutes Kinsta served nearly 250,000 requests and not a single one took over a second to be delivered. […]

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Insight Into WordPress Communities Around The World

“One of the greatest things about WordPress is its diverse community throughout the world. Kinsta has published a fantastic and inspirational post that looks at up and coming WordPress communities in 5 continents and 17 countries.”

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WordPress Hosting Review 2014: The Results

“Extremely fast hosting. The control panel and some of the functionality are not 100% finished just yet, though.” “They truly work hard to ensure that the site is up and running, that it’s running fast and that I can get help with any issues related to hosting.” “The support is very responsive which largely makes […]

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Kinsta Publishes Guide On The History Of WordPress, Its Ecosystem, and Community

“Mark Gavalda, CEO of Kinsta WordPress Hosting, has published an in-depth guide covering the history of WordPress, its vast ecosystem, and the community surrounding it. Gavalda does a great job explaining the impact WordPress has had on so many individuals and businesses with quotes from notable members of the community.”

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I switched to @Kinsta from HostGator/MaxCDN and my website is now 2-4X faster. Good stuff, recommended!

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60%+ drop in @pingdom load times for @voompla after move to @kinsta + @CloudFlare CDN + site optimization! support by @tomzur @MarkGavalda

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The speed of @Kinsta hosted websites is scary. In a good way.