Earn Money by Referring World-Class Hosting as a Kinsta Affiliate

Join our high-paying affiliate program to receive 5% to 10% in lifetime monthly commissions for every referral of Kinsta’s hosting services. With $1M in commissions paid out each year, you’re slated to earn big.

Build a Stable Passive Income Through Our Simple Commission Models

Kinsta’s hosting services are designed to power all sorts of web projects. You’ll earn commissions no matter which your referrals choose.

Refer Managed WordPress Hosting

Refer Managed WordPress Hosting

Get rewarded and build a passive income through lifetime recurring commissions.

One-time bonus

$50 – $500

Monthly commissions


Check our one-time commissions amounts.
Refer Web Application Hosting

Refer Web Application Hosting

Earn 5% recurring monthly commissions on our à la carte resource-based service.

Monthly commissions


Refer Managed Database Hosting

Refer Managed Database Hosting

Earn 5% recurring monthly commissions on our à la carte resource-based service.

Monthly commissions


Recommend Hosting That Brings Real Value to Customers

Calculate Your Recurring Passive Income

Add in your expected referrals to see how much money you can make as a Kinsta Affiliate in just 1 year.

Managed WordPress Hosting

In this graph you can see how your income will grow each month based on your selections.

Your monthly income next December:

Calculations are based on the number and types of plans you refer each month. Factor in our 2% churn rate and this brings you to your estimated total passive income.

*Currently, the calculator only shows earnings from Managed WordPress Hosting referrals. An updated version for referrals of Application Hosting and Database Hosting is coming soon.

An Affiliate Program Tailored To Your Success

Lifetime Monthly Payments

With a churn rate of only 2%, Kinsta customers rarely leave. So recurring commissions hold real value. Get 5% or 10% recurring commissions based on the service the customer signs up for. Payouts are sent right to your PayPal account each month.

High Conversion and Retention Rates

Kinsta is an easy sell. Kinsta customers benefit from the best-performing and most secure infrastructure in the industry, not to mention our 24/7/365 expert support team.

Long Conversion Window

The user journey can be lengthy. That’s why we provide 60-day tracking cookies and last-touch attribution to ensure you’re properly credited for the sale.

Transparent In-House Tracking

Our custom-built affiliate system is Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0 ready and relies solely on first-party cookies. Login to your Kinsta dashboard to see page views, referrals, payments, and more.

Dedicated Affiliate Support

Get assistance by means of our FAQ page or by emailing us directly at [email protected]. Our affiliate team will respond to your query within one business day.

Ready-To-Use Assets and More Resources Boost Your Sales

Increase your referrals with in-depth guides and advanced tips. Plus you’ll have an abundance of banners ready to use on your site.

Who is Kinsta’s Affiliate Program For?

Kinsta’s affiliate program is as amazing as the rest of the service. I had many previous experiences with other hosts, but no one has Kinsta’s recurring payments on each referred client. Other hosts have something similar but with incredibly lower figures.

Kinsta also has a great feature that allows to transfer a website from my account to the client’s. When I do it, I add my referral ID.


Make affiliate referrals with easy steps that fit into your development work. Our affiliate program is designed for developers who want to build a passive income. To start earning, you can:

  • Refer clients, whether through your affiliate link or our custom site transfer tool
  • Add your affiliate link to your existing GitHub repositories
  • Test Kinsta’s hosting for free and post a review
  • Insert your affiliate link on your site’s “Hosted by Kinsta” banner
  • Benefit from manual referrals by contacting our affiliate team


Build your Monthly Recurring Revenue by referring clients to Kinsta. And you’ll sleep easy knowing your client’s sites are running on top-tier hosting. As an Agency, you can:

  • Get listed in our Agency Directory*
  • Earn referrals by sharing your custom link or by using our site transfer tool
  • Benefit from manual referrals by contacting our affiliate team

*If you reach the referral’s threshold

With the expertise Kinsta offers, introducing clients as part of their affiliate program ensures that the client will be getting the highest level of service across hosting security, reliability, and speed, meaning that we could focus on what we do best – development and UX/UI for professional services firms.

Technology Solution Providers

Earn commissions by simply adding a trackable link when you partner with or make reference of Kinsta. Our cloud hosting affiliate program is the only one tailored for SaaS, platforms, open-source projects, applications, CMSs solutions, code libraries, and more.

To start earning, insert your affiliate link when you:

  • Create your Kinsta-specific deployment guide
  • Include Kinsta as a recommended hosting provider in your documentation
  • Mention our hosting in your blog posts
  • Add an in-app Kinsta reference
  • And more!

Email our team at [email protected] to discuss further collaboration.

Kinsta Customers

Get paid to share the power of Kinsta’s premium hosting with your friends, family, and clients. It’s easier than you think! 

As a Kinsta customer, register in 1 easy step and get automatically approved. To start earning referrals, you can:

  • Share your affiliate link through email or messaging apps
  • Include a “Hosted by Kinsta” banner with an affiliate link on your site
  • Add an affiliate link to your Kinsta review
  • Transfer a site through our custom tool and enter your affiliate ID

Content Publishers

Add hosting commissions to your monthly passive income. Receive custom banners, exclusive promotional materials, and tips to increase sales. To earn referrals, you can:

  • Test Kinsta’s hosting for free and post a review or a comparison article
  • Include Kinsta as a recommended tool on your blog
  • Insert a trackable link when sharing our top-class web development articles
  • Email us at [email protected] to get dedicated support from our affiliate team

Since web hosting generates the highest affiliate revenue for us, I do appreciate Kinsta’s recurring commissions. It’s rare in the industry, and I think is great in aligning incentives: if Kinsta is doing well and retaining customers, we’ll be doing well. I highly recommend Kinsta’s affiliate program!

Learning Platforms / Educators

Give yourself peace of mind recommending premium hosting to students and subscribers. And earn recurring commissions along the way just by adding a trackable link! To start earning, you can:

  • Include an affiliate link in your in-course Kinsta recommendation
  • List Kinsta as a recommended tool on your site
  • Use Kinsta’s hosting for free to test and showcase our platform to your students
  • Insert a trackable link when sharing our top-class web development articles
  • Email our team at [email protected] to discuss further collaboration

Get Started in Two Minutes

Screenshot of the Kinsta affiliate signup form

Step 1 Sign Up

Register in only a few minutes. After a quick approval on our end, you’ll get access to our affiliate platform and receive everything you need to get started.

Screenshot of the tool to generate a Kinsta affiliate link

Create as many affiliate links as you’d like and point them anywhere on our site. Then, optimize based on what converts best.

Screenshot of the Kinsta affiliate PayPal payment

Step 3 Earn Money

As soon as your links convert, you’ll be credited with your referral commission, ready for the next monthly payout.

Premium, Custom-Built Dashboard to Track Your Passive Income

There’s no confusing and cluttered 3rd-party platform here. Enjoy a dashboard tailored to your needs.

Get An Overview of All Your Numbers

Get a quick and easy way to see your total referred pageviews, referrals, payments, and a graphical overview of the service distribution. We stand behind our data and encourage you to double-check with your own measurements. Our system is Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0 ready.

Screenshot from Kinsta's Affiliate Dashboard.

Dig deeper with in-depth analytics

View detailed subscription data for each referral, including when they complete actions such as upgrading, downgrading, or canceling. See exactly when you’ll get paid for each referral and check when your one-time and recurring commissions are approved.

Screenshot of the affiliate dashboard

Access your dashboard in your preferred language

The Kinsta affiliate dashboard is available in eight different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Affiliate dashboard language options

Download Banners

Download visual assets directly from your affiliate dashboard and use them anywhere on your site. We have a wide range of banners in each size with dark or light color sets, and varied wording which emphasizes different features.

Sizes currently available:

  • 300×600
  • 240×240
  • 600×300
  • 468×60
  • 728×90
  • 300×250

We want you to succeed. If you need another size, just let us know.

Screenshot of various Kinsta banners

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Get everything you need to succeed and build your monthly passive income. From a variety of affiliate articles and guides to personalized affiliate support, we’re here to help.

Affiliate Academy

Take your affiliate activity to the next level with the in-depth guides and advanced tips we share in our Affiliate Academy. Read more about proven tactics to increase your referrals, different affiliate marketing business models, useful statistics, and more.

Knowledge Base

Head to our Affiliate Knowledge Base for detailed information about Kinsta’s cloud hosting affiliate program. You’ll find articles explaining our commission model, our approach to coupon codes, how to create your affiliate link, and more.

Expert Affiliate Support

We have a talented marketing team and a dedicated affiliate support channel to assist you. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide tips and strategies on ways to take your promotions to the next level. Email us directly at [email protected].

Affiliate Newsletter

Stay up to date with Kinsta’s latest announcements, developer-focused blog posts, affiliate trends, and marketing tips shared in our monthly affiliate newsletter.

Already Earning With Us

Ready To Make Money?

Click “Join Now” and become a Kinsta Affiliate today! If you have any further questions, read the FAQ list below or contact our affiliate manager directly by writing to [email protected].


How Do I Create My Affiliate Link?

Log in to the affiliate dashboard, click on the “Make affiliate link” button, paste any URL you’d like to link to from the Kinsta website, and click on “Create link”. Learn more about affiliate links.

I Just Made a Referral, but It Wasn’t Tracked

Kinsta’s affiliate dashboard can take up to 24 hours to show a new referral, so give it some time. To see your conversions, log in to the dashboard and check the ‘Referred customers’ area.

If your referral doesn’t display after 24h, you can claim it by reaching out to [email protected] within 14 days of the subscription date. Sometimes the client you refer doesn’t use the affiliate link in the right way, the cookie doesn’t fire, or another disruption takes place. In these cases, please get in touch. You’ll be required to provide some information so our team can investigate further and confirm that you should get credit for the sale.

When Will I Get Paid?

Once the balance of your approved commissions (both one-time and recurring) is more than $50.00, your commissions are eligible for payment and will be automatically included in the next payment round. Payments are made via PayPal between the 15th and 20th of each month.

My Customer Upgraded Their Plan. Will My Recurring Commission Increase?

Yes. Your recurring commission will be raised accordingly. Recurring commissions are always adjusted when a customer upgrades, downgrades, or makes any other plan change, so they are equivalent to 10% of the customer’s new plan’s price. 

When switching between billing intervals, we’ll calculate the day period the customer was on each plan and prorate. Here are some example calculations.

Do I Need to Be a Kinsta Client to Become an Affiliate?

No. But you should try our premium hosting services, they’re awesome!

Find more information about our program on our FAQ page