Kinsta Selected Cloudflare to Make Client Websites Faster and More Secure

With our Cloudflare integration, Kinsta customers will benefit from a more secure firewall with included DDoS protection, Edge Caching, HTTP/3 support, wildcard SSLs, and more.

Cloudflare firewall and DDoS protection.

Firewall and DDoS Protection

Kinsta leverages Cloudflare’s secure firewall to protect customer sites. In addition to the IP-based protection that we currently provide with the Google Cloud Platform firewall, Cloudflare’s firewall solution lets us block malicious traffic with more specific rulesets. Overall, this means we’ll be able to provide better protection for your website.

In addition to firewall protection, our Cloudflare integration also includes free DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection. DDoS attacks work by flooding sites with large amounts of traffic in a short period of time with the goal of crippling server resources, causing the site to crash. DDoS attacks affect millions of sites every year and can have a huge impact on business revenues.

High-Performance CDN

Powered by Cloudflare’s global network in 275+ data centers, Kinsta CDN is HTTP/3-enabled and provides a super-fast CDN solution for your site at no additional cost.

With Kinsta CDN enabled, your static assets (CSS, JS, images, fonts, etc.) are automatically served from Cloudflare data centers around the world. Best of all, Kinsta CDN can serve assets from your primary domain, which means you won’t have to deal with complicated setups involving external CDN domains.

Edge Caching

As part of our Cloudflare integration, Edge Caching saves your Kinsta site/page cache to any of Cloudflare’s global network of 275+ data centers.

When site visitors load your website in their browser, cached responses will be delivered from the location closest to them. Edge Caching is included free with all Kinsta plans and doesn’t require a separate plugin.

During Beta testing by Kinsta customers in 2022, we saw Edge Caching cut the time needed to serve cached WordPress HTML by an average of more than 50%!

Edge Caching has mobile content covered as well. Take complete control right from your MyKinsta dashboard.

Cloudflare HTTP/3 support.

HTTP/3 Support

In addition to providing numerous security improvements, our Cloudflare integration also includes performance enhancements as well. By putting our infrastructure behind Cloudflare, HTTP/3 support is now available for sites hosted on Kinsta.

HTTP/3 is the next evolution of the HTTP protocol, and includes a host of improvements over HTTP/2 such as support for encrypted HTTPS connections only, faster SSL handshakes, and 0-RTT support for faster subsequent connections.

While browser support for HTTP/3 is still in the early stages, it is already available as a developer feature Chrome and Firefox. If your site is hosted at Kinsta, you won’t have to worry about configuring your server for HTTP/3 support.

Streamlined Integration With MyKinsta

With our Cloudflare integration, all the performance and security features you need are built into the MyKinsta dashboard directly. This means you won’t have to worry about maintaining a separate Cloudflare account just to take advantage of their services.

Wildcard SSL Support

Wildcard SSLs are now available thanks to our Cloudflare integration. Unlike standard SSL certificates, which require you to list a root domain and individual subdomains that need to be secured, a wildcard SSL allows you to secure a root domain and individual subdomains with a wildcard symbol.

Wildcard SSLs are very useful for sites that have many subdomains. Previously, our free Let’s Encrypt SSLs did not support wildcard configurations. This made it difficult for sites with lots of subdomains to generate SSL certificates. With our Cloudflare integration, this won’t be an issue anymore because wildcard SSLs are fully supported!

Cloudflare reserved IP addresses.

Reserved IPs for Kinsta Customers

As part of our Cloudflare integration, all sites on Kinsta will be provided with Cloudflare IP addresses that are unique to Kinsta. This means your site’s DNS A record IP address will not be shared by adult or spam sites that are outside of Kinsta’s infrastructure.

If you sign up for Cloudflare directly, your site’s A record IP address is shared by other sites on Cloudflare’s network. In some cases, this can cause problems if a service blocks a spam site that happens to share the same Cloudflare IP address as your site.

Since Kinsta has reserved Cloudflare IPs for sites hosted on our infrastructure, you won’t have to worry about this problem.

Brotli Compression

Brotli Compression

Brotli is a state-of-the-art lossless compression format that is supported by all major browsers and achieves better compression ratios than gzip. Brotli continues to rapidly gain in popularity. Whenever possible, Cloudflare uses the Google Brotli library to dynamically compress web content.

The Brotli file format includes a very large built-in static dictionary that contains various strings in multiple languages. Going even further, it also supports the option to apply multiple transformations to those words, which increases its versatility.

Thanks to our Cloudflare integration, all the sites hosted at Kinsta have Brotli compression enabled by default. 

What Our Customers Say

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