Swagway: Preparing For a Traffic Surge

unique visitors
in one day
over the weekend
on Cyber Monday
Swagway approached us the week before Cyber Monday - they needed a WordPress host who could handle the kind of volume they were expecting. Featured on Good Morning America, Ellen, LIVE with Kelly and Michael, The Insider, The Today Show, Mashable, Wired, People, CBS This Morning, PC Magazine, and more they needed a host that could deliver.
"The COO contacted me with an actual solution instead of lot of "trust us" fluff I was getting elsewhere. He was honest and straight-forward which was very refreshing. After migration, support was handled by the CEO who made some excellent suggestions and tweaks which dramatically improved performance."
- Caleb Worm, Swagway.com
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ValueWalk: High Traffic Stability

unique visitors
per month
unique visitors
per day
unique visitors
per hour
ValueWalk.com is well known throughout the investor community. The site launched in 2010, focusing on value investing and value investors. As the site grew, the scope expanded. ValueWalk is now a news site with millions of visitors covering breaking financial news with an emphasis on value investing, hedge funds, asset management, technology and business news.
"After switching to Kinsta, we have managed to overcome all [previous] issues. Our website runs at lightning speed now, both on the front end and back end. We haven't had any downtime issues either. Overall, their service is commendable. We're glad we found them. "
- Sheeraz Raza CTO of ValueWalk

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The Sport Review: Speed and Reliability

in one day
from mobile
2 million
average visitors
per month
The Sport Review is a British sports news website, delivering a mix of breaking news, social content and original reporting. It receives 2 million unique visitors a month. They came to Kinsta after realizing it was time to move to a more professional platform and were needing a provider with a focus on speed and reliability. Their old host was an unmanaged service and not specific to WordPress, which resulted in support and optimization not tailored to the platform.
"It's fair to say that the speed of everything pretty much doubled after the migration, from loading and publishing posts, to all front-end requests. Brilliant support, blazing fast set-up.​"
- Martin Caparrotta, thesportreview.com
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Superluchas: Scalable Pricing

5 million
per month
in load times
Superluchas.com is a Mexican magazine specializing in pro wrestling (Lucha Libre). They started in 1997 as a traditional print publication and became fully digital in 2012. Given the constant rise in costs of over 200%, keeping their site at WP Engine wasn’t a sustainable option for them, so they set to the task of finding a new hosting company. After finally arriving at Kinsta they were impressed not only by the improved performance over WP Engine, but also at a 70% lower cost.
"After having moved the site to Kinsta, we experienced several advantages we haven’t anticipated, such as personalized attention and a special discount for annual payment. Migration to Kinsta has been an experience that surpassed our expectations. It would be our first recommendation to anyone running a WP site. "
- Jorge Ocampo, superluchas.com
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aThemes: Loading Pages In Under A Second

page views
per month
load time
before Kinsta
load time
after Kinsta
aThemes is one of the most popular theme providers. Currently they have numerous free and premium high quality themes on their website. Having more than 400,000 page views monthly the site’s owner regularly struggled both with downtimes and performance issues at their previous host. After researching the hosting market he found Kinsta and we delivered.
"Kinsta took care of the entire migration for me, which I was very grateful for. The migration went very smoothly and once it was done I was surprised at how fast the site was. I had never seen the site load as quickly as it did with Kinsta. After testing, I'm pleased to report that my site is now faster than the vast majority of sites."
- Charlie Livingston, owner of aThemes.com

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Matthew Barby: Excellence In Customer Care

9 minute
response time
for support
load time
before Kinsta
load time
at Kinsta
Anyone who is familiar with SEO and digital marketing practices knows Matthew Barby. His articles and case studies are frequently featured on leading SEO related websites like Moz, Search Engine Land or Search Engine Journal. On his personal site he shares useful tips and advice with his audience.
"I run a number of websites so the most important thing for me is that when an issue arises (which it inevitably will), I get a response from my provider as soon as possible. Tom and the Kinsta team have not only responded quickly to any of my questions but they went above and beyond to get everything set up for me and even give me advice on how I could further optimise my sites to get the most out of them. As a result, my sites are running lightening fast, I feel assured that the Kinsta team have everything under control and I'm even paying less than I was before!"
- Matthew Barby, Global head of SEO at Hubspot

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UK Startup Jobs: Moving Away From Shared Hosting

load time
before Kinsta
load time
at Kinsta
UK Startup Jobs is the most popular job portal in the United Kingdom. People simply have to subscribe to their mailing list to get informed about the latest job opportunities. They moved to Kinsta because they wanted to provide the fastest site possible for the job seekers from all around the UK. We delivered by bringing the load time down to 0.45 seconds, almost the blink of an eye!
"Since upgrading from shared hosting to Kinsta we’ve been able to satisfy startup job seekers with lightning fast page loads and a service that doesn’t crack under the traffic every time we send our weekly jobs newsletter."
- John Sawyers - Owner of UK Startup Jobs

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Portal do Dog: South America’s Leading Dog Portal

load time
before Kinsta
load time
at Kinsta
page views
per month
We love dogs here at Kinsta (our offices are dog-friendly) which is why we’re more than happy to host South America’s leading dog portal. Portal do Dog is a Brazilian website created especially for dog lovers. The site is updated several times a day, where one can find information on every dog breed in the world, tips on how to raise and train them, lovely videos and touching stories.
"I've been looking for a good WordPress host for more than a year, and that is not an easy task, as PdD has a database of more than 8 GB and a few millions of visits per month, there are not many hosting companies that want to or could handle a website like this. I am really glad I've found Kinsta. Since the first email I felt that this partnership would work well. The website is really fast and we also gained a lot in productivity as we do not get '500 error' anymore. Thanks Kinsta!"
- Fabio Sakita, owner of Portal do Dog

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Honest Brew: Optimized WooCommerce Store

Honest Brew is a UK-based personalized craft beer subscription company which delivers craft beer to your door each month. Launched in 2014 by four friends, they now distribute thousands of craft beer boxes from over 100 breweries from around the world. In 2016, startups.co.uk named Honest Brew number 49 on their annual list of the UK's leading startups. They provide a unique service, as 95% of the beers they sell are not available in stores. They came to Kinsta in need of fast and optimized WooCommerce hosting, and we provided performance like they hadn't seen before.
"After struggling for years with WordPress hosts, we finally found a host that truly understood the unique requirements of a WooCommerce store. Kinsta offers a modern, best in class platform with unrivaled support and service. They have a stack that can be optimized and tuned to make WooCommerce fly. If you're serious about WooCommerce, Kinsta is the right partner."
- Andrew Reeve, founder of Honest Brew

4K: Tired of Typical "Level 1" Support

4k.com is a leading technology news site which reviews 4k UltraHD products, compares marketplace prices, and analyzes trends in the industry. They came to Kinsta needing more than what other managed WordPress hosts could provide.
"I have tried many different hosts: Liquid Web, SoftLayer, WP Engine, Web Synthesis, Rackspace, etc. Out of all of them, Kinsta has been the best in terms of support, speed, and pricing. I am very impressed with their knowledge and the skill level of support. As well as their response times and not having to deal with the typical "level 1" support. Expert support fast, what more can you ask for? My WordPress site runs really fast with Kinsta and it was very hard to find the necessary expertise with these other companies. Additionally, I love the fact that I can scale-up a server for a week during peak traffic times to handle the load. Amazing."
- RIchard Li, CEO of 4k.com

Happiest: Viral Traffic Spikes

"We chose Kinsta as we needed a hosting provider that could effectively handle large spikes in traffic when our stories go viral, while keeping costs to a minimum during more regular traffic periods. Our past hosts had always struggled during spikes, hindering the vitality of our content and severely impacting our revenue potential. I’m happy to say, Kinsta has been fantastic for us so far. We recently had a story go seriously viral (over 10 million page views over the course of just a few days; our highest peak traffic ever so far). The site stayed up, stayed blisteringly fast, and helped us ensure our highest revenue month to date! "
- Adam, owner of gohappiest.com

ClickWP: Reliable and Fast Hosting

ClickWP specializes in providing reliable support for individuals and businesses using WordPress. Some of their services include monthly plans and on-demand tasks for website setup, theme customization, malware or hack repair, backups, WordPress migrations, and more. ClickWP needed a fast host they could rely on so they could focus on providing services for their clients, and they found success with Kinsta.
"I’ve used other WordPress hosts, but Kinsta has been the best by far. My site is always online and speedy without even really trying. I have never experienced caching issues like some other managed hosts and never worried about getting suspended for exceeding resources like on shared hosts. Their support team is small but they’ve never let me down. They may be a significant investment, but they are worth every penny. I can’t recommend Kinsta enough. "
- David, owner of ClickWP

Mango Bikes: Stop Worrying About Your Hosting

Mango Bikes is a British bike brand that designs, assembles and ships their urban and city bikes to almost every country around the world. Founded in 2012 by two University friends, the brand has won numerous awards and praise for the value and quality of their bikes.
"Despite being aware of Kinsta as a dedicated WordPress host we naively thought we’d get better value from a dedicated VPS. How wrong we were. We lived in support tickets, constantly trying to diagnose the cause of another site outage. Our product pages are variant-heavy and it seemed like we’d never be able to offer anything but a frustrating experience to our customers. Switching to Kinsta had the biggest positive impact on site performance out of everything we’d tried previously. The stack is optimized for WooCommerce, the caching is handled at the server level, and both the front and back end improvements were noticeable to everyone. Creating a fresh staging site takes minutes (if not seconds) and the technical support is next to none. If you want to spend less time worrying about your hosting and fixing problems then Kinsta is one of the best decisions you can make."
- James Bertram, owner of Mango Bikes