WordPress Hosting for Education

The pursuit of knowledge never stands still — and neither do we. Our fast and secure hosting built on Google Cloud’s world-class infrastructure powers digital experiences for schools, districts, colleges and universities all over the world. Always innovating, we make managing WordPress and multisite networks easier than ever for education.

Built for WordPress and Multisite

WordPress makes it easy to run websites of any complexity, from simple student blogs to university-wide multisite networks with hundreds of sites. We’ve streamlined the set-up and usage of the world’s most popular website platform with WordPress-optimized infrastructure and a dashboard that couldn’t be easier.

Simplified Site Management

Spin up new sites quickly for students, projects, classrooms, and higher education, with themes and functionality pre-configured. Track and manage all your sites and bandwidth in one place, configure for speed and security, view detailed analytics and architecture performance, and collaborate with colleagues and students.

Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

We’ve partnered with Google Cloud to bring you the same fast and secure infrastructure that powers Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube. We use leading-edge technologies like Nginx, PHP 8.0, 8.1, LXD software containers, and MariaDB, together with Google Cloud’s compute-optimized virtual machines, for best-in-class performance and availability.

Peace of Mind With World-Class Security

We work hand-in-hand with Google Cloud and Cloudflare to stay ahead of emerging security threats, with a focus on prevention. Your school sites are protected by active and passive security measures that stop attacks and malicious intent, DDoS detecting and mitigation, automatic SSL support, software-based restrictions, Cloudflare firewall, and continuous uptime monitoring.

Performance-Focused Hosting

Boost your sites’ power with the proven performance of our next-generation architecture. Google Cloud’s premium tier network and 35 global data centers, complete resource isolation, server-level caching, a high-performance HTTP/3 CDN powered by Cloudflare, and WordPress-specific optimizations ensure your sites are blazing fast, highly available, and scales instantly.

For Teams of Any Size

Manage behind-the-scenes access to your sites with granular rights and unlimited team member seats. Our powerful multi-user feature lets you add any number of people to your team, give developers and administrators access to all or a subset of your sites, and grant access to just billing. With unlimited users and a detailed activity log, you control who can do what with your school’s hosting.

Nonprofit Pricing Available

We proudly help charities, nonprofits, churches, and 501(c)(3) organizations access affordable, enterprise-grade hosting and expert WordPress support. Get a 15% discount when you host your nonprofit website with us, plus two months free when you pay yearly. Get in touch with our sales team to find out more.

Comprehensive Support for Your Multisite Network

WordPress multisite networks have unique and robust hosting needs. We’re expertly equipped to support even the largest multisite networks so you can plan for future growth of all kinds — your user base, your network’s complexity, and high-value features.

Manage Your Network Faster

Manage your network and all subsites in one place with our MyKinsta dashboard. Create new sites, manage domains and DNS, access backups, and analyze site traffic, bandwidth usage, performance metrics, and more.

Scales With You

Your school won’t outgrow our hosting. No matter how large or resource intensive your network’s needs, our scalable infrastructure and flexible architecture will comfortably meet your demands, now and into the future.

Extend Your IT Team

Kinsta also offers a multi-user feature that lets you add unlimited users and configure their access levels. For example, you can grant them access to all of your sites or just the billing area, or you can add them as developers and administrators to a subset of sites. You can also define MyKinsta user roles at the company and site levels.

Easier, Powerful, and Dependable WordPress Hosting for Education

School and university websites are challenging to manage. Not only do they need to attract and recruit new students, but they also need to support online courses for existing students, facilitate the distribution and exchange of news and information for faculty and staff, and promote events and fundraising campaigns for alumni.

For school web teams — and especially higher education IT departments — creating, managing, and tracking up-to-date content about admissions, courses, research, events, and so much more across different faculties, departments, and campuses can become complex and time-consuming.

Fortunately, schools, districts, colleges, and universities can manage all this with ease with a network built using WordPress multisite and hosted on Kinsta’s fast, secure, and scalable managed hosting services. Leave the day-to-day management of your web server to our highly experienced team, leaving you free to focus on more important development tasks. Cut costs, streamline your workflows, and reduce the ongoing burden on your team.

Built for WordPress and Multisite

We only use enterprise-grade hardware, top-tier data centers, and leading-edge hosting technologies. It all helps produce consistent, exceptional performance — the smooth experience your school community expects.

Dependable, Always Online Hosting

When your school community or institution relies on your site for up-to-date information and online learning experiences, any unexpected downtime won’t go unnoticed. We work tirelessly to ensure your site stays up.

Fine Tuned for WordPress Multisite

We designed our platform specifically for WordPress and multisite. From small networks running student blogs to large networks running departmental websites, our hosting platform has the tools that simplify even the biggest multisite networks.

Kinsta Is Already Powering Educational Experiences

Enterprise-grade scalable architecture, high availability, state of the art security, server-level caching, seven types of backups, real-time expert support, and free migrations are must-haves every school and university needs to succeed online — and your classroom, campus, or institution can have these too.

Running a complex, demanding and agile website for a University is a challenge where Kinsta managed areas help us to concentrate on our content. Speed, uptime and security are key issues for us and Kinsta delivers.

Iván Calderón from Universidad del Sagrado Corazoń

High Performance and Effortless Scaling

School and university sites need to be fast and highly available, and our goal is to deliver that with power and efficiency. It’s why we were the first managed WordPress host to partner exclusively with Google Cloud, ensuring your sites enjoy instant scaling and exceptional stability.

Optimized Stack

We use modern hosting technologies, including Nginx, PHP 8.0, 8.1, LXD software containers, MariaDB, and the latest generation compute-optimized Google servers, and have hundreds of server-level optimizations and WordPress-specific rules in place.

Global Data Centers

Choose from 35 strategically placed global data centers and serve your sites closest to where your users are located. Everything is interconnected over Google Cloud’s premium-tier network, designed to minimize distance and hops.

Scalable Infrastructure

When you need tremendous resources in a short amount of time, our scalable infrastructure will grow with you. Resource-hungry networks, traffic spikes, and sudden surges, large numbers of logged-in users, and heavy student activity — our platform is ready for anything.

Server-Level Caching

Get fast server-level caching that’s fine tuned for WordPress, delivering a perfect balance between performance and functionality. Our servers also support HTTP/2. It’s enabled by default for all sites on our platform running over HTTPS.

Industry-Leading CDN

All of our plans are equipped with Kinsta CDN, a high-performance content delivery network powered by Cloudflare, to speed up delivery of your assets (images, JS, CSS) around the globe. We include free bandwidth across all of our plans.

Enterprise-Grade Protection

The same technology that secures Google’s global network also protects your data. We leverage Google Cloud’s multilayered security, global data centers, infrastructure and operations, and optimize everything for WordPress.

Security at Scale

Your traffic transits through Cloudflare and Google’s private network — not the public internet — making it less likely to be attacked, intercepted, or manipulated. In addition, our free Cloudflare integration includes a secure firewall that protects your site from malicious traffic and DDoS attacks.

Extra Layers of Security

Active and passive measures protect your site from attacks and malicious intent. Continuous uptime monitoring, Cloudflare firewall, free DDoS attack detection and mitigation, and software-based restrictions all protect your sites and data, supported by free SSL certificates, HTTP/3, and our A+ rating with Qualys SSL Labs.

Automatic Backups

We offer six different types of backups: automatic daily backups, optional hourly backups, manual backups, system-generated backups, downloadable backups, and automated offsite backups to your Amazon S3 or Google Cloud storage. All sites are backed up daily and can be quickly restored at any time.

Complete Resouerce Isolation

We use Linux containers (LXC) — and LXD to orchestrate them — on top of Google Cloud’s infrastructure. This enables complete isolation, not just for each Kinsta account, but every instance of WordPress we host.

Additional Safeguards

In addition to WordPress-specific security rules, we support two-factor authentication, IP Geolocation blocking, and automatically ban IPs that have more than a specified number of failed login attempts in a minute. Strong passwords are enforced on all new WordPress installs.

Supporting Your School Every Step of the Way

The best technology is only as good as the people who support it. That’s why we offer expert help around the clock. Chat to one of our engineers about your school’s websites in real-time and get the answers you need when you need them.

24/7/365 Support

Website issues don’t work to a 9 to 5 schedule, often striking at the worst possible times. That’s why we offer customer support every hour, every day. Reach out anytime; we’re always here to help.

We Know WordPress

Our support team is the best in the industry because we only hire WordPress developers and Linux engineers, including many who’ve managed their own servers, contributed to the WordPress project, or developed plugins.

Proactive Uptime Monitoring

We perform 720 daily uptime checks on all websites we host. In the rare event you experience problems, we’ll be instantly alerted and will start investigating before you get in touch.

Kinsta support is fantastic. They just solve the issue, whatever it is, with a smile and keep going. Kinsta does business the way it should be done.Kinsta’s platform has allowed us to migrate a non-Wordpress (WP) site gradually so that we make fewer mistakes. The ability to host a hybrid site (WP and non-WP) has been a huge help.

Migrate To Kinsta for Free

Let our migration team take care of your migration, saving your team valuable time. Moving a WordPress site — including multisite networks — requires experts who can solve unexpected issues with knowledge and care. We approach your move as if it were our own, leveraging years of hosting experience to get your site or network up and running just like it was before your move.

Kinsta has 47,000 staging sites in use and counting!

Developer Tools

Familiar Tools

SSH, SFTP, WP-CLI, Composer and Git are standard across all our web hosting packages.


Use Redis to store values generated by WordPress’ native object cache in a persistent manner so cached objects can be reused between page loads.

PHP Version Switching

Set different versions of PHP for each live site and staging environment, and switch engines in one-click.

Kinsta APM

Get granular visibility into your site or network’s performance in real-time, including all WordPress plugins, themes, database queries, custom code, and WordPress itself with our free Kinsta APM tool.

Custom Development

Setups like Bedrock and Trellis make it easier to develop, maintain, and deploy WordPress sites.

One-Click SSL Certificates

Free SSL certificates, or install your own custom SSL certificates in the dashboard.

Search and Replace Tool

Access search and replace for quick and easy bulk site updates.

One-Click Cloning

One-click cloning

Kinsta Services

Site Migration

Easy-to-use site creation and migration request wizard.

Purpose-Built Dashboard

You’ll find WordPress-specific tools in our MyKinsta dashboard (book a live demo) that you won’t find with other hosting solutions.

Staging and Premium Staging Environements

Every site on our platform gets its own staging environment so you can make changes and test plugins and WordPress updates.

Detailed Analytics

Access detailed analytics including bandwidth, CDN usage and insights, cache HIT and MISS ratio, and performance metrics.

Knowledge Base

Browse technical overviews, Kinsta and MyKinsta guides, and troubleshooting materials.

Ecommerce Ready

Optimized for WooCommerce to support online stores.

Optional Add-Ons

Enhance your hosting plan with powerful tools and expert services such as Nginx reverse proxy, extra backups, and extra disk space.

MyKinsta: Network Management Made Easy

MyKinsta is the control center for your network. Track traffic, generate SSL certificates, configure speed and security settings. Get all the tools you need in one place.

Access Detailed Analytics

Track the metrics that matter most for each of your sites, from site resources to architecture performance, response times, and more.

A Powerful, Purpose-Built WordPress Hosting Tool

We built MyKinsta specifically for WordPress and as a companion to our services. Whether you’re new to WordPress or know it like the back of your hand, MyKinsta allows you to manage your sites with ease and precision.

Manage Users With Granular Access Rights

You control who has access to what on your site or network. Grant access to all or a subset of your sites and monitor what’s happening across your network with detailed activity logs.

How Kinsta Helped Brighton Grammar School

We’ve noticed a huge improvement in speed, stability and performance since transitioning our digital websites to Kinsta. The product is so easy to use for someone without a technical background. The 24/7 support has been crucial for us and the support team is always responsive to any question, going above and beyond to support us. We can access all of our sites through a digital dashboard which is incredibly easy to use. I would not hesitate to recommend Kinsta especially to those businesses that manage multiple sites.

Ross Donnan from Brighton Grammar School

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