Web Application Hosting

From backend to frontend, everything is in one place

Easy setup for your complete stack

Create with any technology or framework, and we make sure that your app is up and running.

All-in-one platform

19 programming languages and 4 database types natively supported

Customer Dockerfiles

Use any stack at all with a custom Dockerfile setup

DevOps automated

Environment setup and deployments taken care of

Built for developers

  1. Git-based workflow with automatic deployments
  2. Fast deployments with build cache
  3. Persistent storage for stateful applications
  4. SSH access with web terminal
  5. API support
MyKinsta screenshot showing runtime processes

Process level control

Set up your application on a process level and configure each separately

MyKinsta screenshot showing memory usage

Monitor performance

Keep an eye on resource utilization and request times to optimize your project

Troubleshoot issues

Use the runtime logs or check request analytics to find what holds your application back

Start your free trial

Everything included, for all

No plans, no feature gating, no seat-based pricing

Unlimited Users

for your team for free collaboration

Unlimited Applications

with multiple processes for each

Private Network

for best security, speed, and savings on cost

Unlimited Concurrent Builds

to deploy apps at the same time

25 Data Centers

with horizontal and vertical scaling

Add Unlimited Domains

with SSL certificates included

Solid, battle-tested infrastructure

We host 150,000+ sites and web services for 120,000+ users, and we’ve been around running premium cloud services for 10+ years. We know what will make your code thrive.

Premium Global Cloud

Powered by Google Cloud

Containerized and Automated

Powered by Kubernetes

Enterprise-Grade Security With DDoS Protection

Powered by Cloudflare

99.9% Uptime SLA

SOC 2 Compliance

24/7/365 real-time chat support

Get technical support from Kinsta experts in under two minutes. No ticket system or tiered support. Only useful and in real-time replies.

Photos of the Kinsta support team

Be clear on what you pay for

Transparent pricing that’s entirely usage-based

Scale as you go from

USD / month

Run time

Usage-based, depends on your running environments and chosen CPU/RAM

From 7 USD / month

Build time

Usage-based, depends on the build time of your deployments

From 0.02 USD / min


Usage-based, depends on how much traffic you get

Internal: free
External: 0.14 USD / GB


In case you need persistent storage, pro-rated monthly price

Each 10 GB for 3 USD / month

Try it for free

Sign up with your favorite Git provider or email, and start deploying in seconds


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

How are resources calculated in Application Hosting?

Each application pod has a redefined amount of CPU cycles, RAM, and build time. You’re billed for the use of these resources.

How does the free trial work?

Sign up for any of Kinsta’s Application Hosting tiers and you’ll automatically join our free trial. The free trial is limited to $20 in server resources and is applicable only to your first month of hosting.

Do you have an API?

Yes, Kinsta has a REST API allowing you to access and interact with your Applications, Databases, or WordPress sites without using the MyKinsta dashboard.

Do you offer persistent storage for hosting stateful applications?

Yes, on the MyKinsta control panel you can create an application and attach a disk to it for storing persistent data in a file system. Please note:

  • Any application without an attached disk is stateless, meaning all data will be erased when you redeploy, restart, or shut down the application. No user data is retained.
  • Check out our persistent storage pricing options.
  • Persistent storage is also sometimes called: non-volatile storage, persistent disk storage, persistent data, or persistent volume.
How does billing work?

With Application Hosting or Database Hosting, pay only for the server resources you used at the end of each monthly billing cycle. These services are prorated to the second and postpaid.

Can you host static sites?

Yes. We offer fast and secure static site hosting for free! Connect your preferred Git provider and deploy your static sites to the Cloudflare Edge Network with more than 260+ locations. Learn more and get started.