We are constantly dedicated to bringing you the latest stable versions of PHP as soon as we have thoroughly tested it throughout our environment.

PHP 7.4.0 was released for general availability (GA) on November 28th, 2019 and we are excited to let you know this is now available on MyKinsta. Previously we had the RC version available for testing, but you can now start thinking about updating your production sites.

We’ll be releasing our annual PHP benchmarks report within the next couple of weeks so you can see how much this new version will impact the performance of your sites. Spoiler alert: PHP 7.4 is faster than PHP 7.3. 🚀

Update to PHP 7.4

You can easily change PHP versions from within the MyKinsta dashboard, under Tools, with a single click.

In the MyKinsta dashboard, click into your site and change the environment over to the “Staging environment.”

Create WordPress staging environment
Create WordPress staging environment

You can then change the PHP Engine for the staging site under “Tools” and start testing to ensure the compatibility of your code, third-party plugins, and themes. Once you confirm everything works, you can either change your production site over to PHP 7.4 or if you’ve made any changes, also push your staging site to live.

Change to PHP 7.4
Change to PHP 7.4

Remember that you can switch PHP engines back and forth, so if you encounter compatibility issues with PHP 7.4, you can easily resort back to PHP 7.3. If you were already running an RC version of PHP 7.4, your sites have already been automatically updated to PHP 7.4.

PHP 7.4 (official release) is now available at Kinsta! Start testing and upgrading your WordPress sites today. 🚀Click to Tweet

If you’re curious about all of the other changes, check out our in-depth blog post on what’s new with PHP 7.4.