Host Your Static Sites for Free

Lightning fast websites deployed directly to the edge

The Core of Your Composable Architecture

We love and support modern web development practices. With Static Site Hosting you can prebuild as much of your website as possible and deploy it to our global edge network, placing it physically closest to your actual users. Ideal for:

  1. Simple static websites
  2. Pre-rendered sites, using Static Site Generators
  3. Sites with dynamic components to be run as functions (like Jamstack, composable websites)

Extra Benefits of Kinsta Static Sites

Your site is directly pushed to our edge network with 260+ locations globally, powered by the security and speed of Cloudflare

Use a static site generator, and we handle the build process, which is also included free of charge

Add custom domains, and we deliver the security (SSL certificates automatically issued and updated)

Make Use of Static Site Generators

Static site generators make it easy to publish your content by generating your website as static assets. Features developers will love:

  1. Automatically deploy at every push to your repository
  2. Easily redeploy any previous deployments
  3. Use environment variables
  4. API for managing your static sites
Logos of Static Site Generators including Gatsby, Astro, and Docusaurus

Extend With Dynamic Functions

Use Application Hosting and Database Hosting to add your backend layer

To create dynamic components, you can always spin up an app environment to run functions or add a database with ease.

You can also run your headless CMS as an application and render your content to be hosted as a free static site. This can give a boost to your site speed and cut on the hosting costs, too.

Host Your Static Sites for Free

We only have some fair use policy limits that you may want to keep in mind.

  1. 100 sites overall
  2. 600 build minutes and 100 GB bandwidth per month per account
  3. 1 GB build size and 1 concurrent build per site

Get Started

Sign up, connect your git account, and start deploying your static site from your repo.


What are the usage limits for free Static Site hosting?

You can host up to 100 sites that share 600 build minutes and 100 GB of bandwidth per month. Each site can be up to 1 GB in build size. You get one concurrent build per site.

Where are my sites deployed to on Kinsta’s free Static Site hosting?

They are deployed to Cloudflare Edge Network (aka The Edge). This is a content delivery network (CDN) with more than 260 server locations. Visitors are automatically served from the closest location to reduce latency.

Which Static Site Generators can I use?

Ones using modern JavaScript frameworks and Node.js. Static sites are composed of non-dynamic files such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Your repository can contain the pre-built files or the source code to generate your static site. Learn more.

We have many quick start example repositories including: Astro, Cuttlebelle, Docusaurus, Eleventy, Gatsby, Nuxt, Qwik, React, React with Vite, and VuePress.