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How to Grow From a Freelance Business to a Web Agency

Curious about scaling a freelance gig to a full-blown web agency? Watch us and the co-CEO of Studio98 as we discuss tips, tricks, tales of success, and a few horror stories.


Mike Tatum Lead Generation Specialist at Kinsta

Mike has over 6 years of marketing experience and has worked at large agencies and high-growth tech companies. Currently, he is the Lead Generation Specialist at Kinsta where he helps us generate leads and manages our marketing automation. In his spare time, Mike loves to get outdoors to go camping and hiking.

Rafferty Pendery Founder and Co-CEO of Studio98 at Studio98

Rafferty is the Founder and Co-CEO of Studio98. He started as a one-man operation and now owns 4 companies that continue to grow year after year. He speaks around the world on how executives and business owners can build up their teams and align their actions to be more effective.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The do’s and don’t of scaling a web agency
  • How to hire the right collaborators
  • What today’s clients are looking for in a web agency
  • How to price your services
  • How to find high-paying clients
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