We migrate your WordPress sites. For free. With no downtime.

Let our expert Migrations team migrate one, multiple, or all of your WordPress sites for you. Sign up, request your migrations, and we’ll take care of everything. Migrating to Kinsta is free, fast, and easy!

Migrating to Kinsta is simple as 1, 2, 3

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1. Sign up

Create your account by choosing the plan that best fits your needs and get access to the MyKinsta dashboard.

Sign up now

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2. Request your migration(s)

Provide a few details, including your preferred migration schedule, and submit your migration request in MyKinsta.

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3. Relax

Easily monitor the status of your migration in MyKinsta and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s complete. You’ll be able to test your new site at Kinsta before it goes live!

What you get when you move to Kinsta

Kinsta’s in-house expert Migrations team

Our full-time expert Migrations team will handle your migration from start to finish, making your migration experience a breeze.

Free malware cleanup

Submit your migration request with complete peace of mind. If we detect malicious code during the migration, our malware removal specialists will clean your sites for free.

You decide which sites to migrate and when

Choose to migrate one, a few, or all of your sites. Then, pick your preferred migration schedule: ASAP or scheduled on a specific date.

Immediate performance boost

Customers who migrate to Kinsta experience instant speed improvements of up to 50% and additional performance gains. Get access to features and tools designed to make your site lightning fast!

Enterprise-grade security

Sites hosted at Kinsta are secured behind Kinsta firewall, Google Cloud firewall, and Cloudflare Enterprise DDoS protection.

Easy-to-use MyKinsta dashboard

MyKinsta is packed with an extensive list of powerful site management features and tools that will save you time and money.

Unmatched migration experience and support


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Will there be any downtime when migrating my sites?

There will be no downtime during the whole migration process. Our expert Migrations team will take care of your migration for you and provide you with all the information needed to point your domain at your newly migrated site to ensure a seamless transition.

How long will the migration take?

If you don’t select a specific date to migrate your website, our expert Migrations team will complete it ​​as soon as possible (usually within 2 business days). You can easily monitor the status of your migration in MyKinsta and you’ll get notified when it’s complete.

Is the migration process automated?

All Kinsta migrations are handled by our Migrations team made up of real expert team members whose full time responsibility is successfully migrating WordPress websites to Kinsta. Once the migration process is complete, you’ll just need to update your DNS to point at Kinsta to go live. If you prefer a DIY approach, we provide detailed documentation to assist you in migrating your sites manually. We generally recommend that you let our expert Migrations team take care of migrating your site for you. We’ll even help you check your site prior to going live.

Are there any promotions for agencies migrating multiple client sites?

Yes, when you sign up for any Agency plan, you’ll get the first month of client site hosting free, or 3 months free with annual billing. This offer is available to new Kinsta customers until June 30, 2024.

I need to migrate over 100 sites. How quickly can this be handled?

We typically migrate 8-10 sites per business day. While we strive to accommodate more if possible, we have limited capacity during the weekends. Our team will work diligently to ensure your migration is completed efficiently and reliably.

What will I need to handle myself during the migration process?

Nothing, unless you choose to migrate your own sites manually. Kinsta will take care of the process for you and be in touch when it is complete to ask you to update your DNS and point them at Kinsta for your site to go live.

Can you migrate a site from any host?

If the host is a WordPress host or your site has a standard WordPress installation, then yes, we can migrate it.

How do you handle the migration of WooCommerce sites?

Sites that are updated continuously, such as ecommerce (WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads), membership, and community sites, will need to be placed into
maintenance mode during migration to prevent data loss.

Can you migrate a site with a custom setup, such as Bedrock/Trellis?

Yes, we can. We have extensive experience with these types of installations so they wouldn’t add any complexity on our side.