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Nothing is more important to us than the security of your website. Our proactive and reactive measures automatically process 5.7 billion malicious requests and mitigate 90+ DDoS attacks per month.

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Site security for WP sites on Kinsta

There’s a 60% chance that one cyber attack can destroy your business. 

With more than a billion live websites out in the world, you might think the odds of a malicious actor attacking your site are unlikely. But not all sites are targeted.

Many WordPress attacks are with bots probing your site for vulnerabilities as they are looking for an entryway to attack you without human intervention.

But what are the most common vulnerabilities hackers leverage to break into your site?

Poor Hosting Environment

Expect free or cheap web hosting to overlook security features such as DDoS protection, firewalls, and proactive plugin vulnerability checking.

It’s because running a secure hosting infrastructure costs money. Therefore, companies that do it for free or for a cheaper plan scrimp on vital security features.

Compromised Login Credentials

A non-trivial percentage of hacks are from malicious actors getting their hands on WordPress login credentials.

Although WordPress does a great job mitigating these breaches by auto-generating secure passwords, it’s still up to users to keep them safe and use strong passwords for hosting.

Outdated Core, Plugins, and Themes

Did you know that 56% of the known entry points for hackers are outdated plugins?

Ignoring updates draws security vulnerabilities, leaving an open entryway for malicious actors.

The consequence of cyber attacks costs an average of $200,000 on businesses of all sizes.


About 60% of hacked small to medium-sized businesses go out of business within six months. And whether you run a tiny personal blog or a huge multinational online store, the threat of getting hacked is always present.

Therefore, it’s important to choose a secure host for your business.

The Google Cloud logo, Kinsta Logo and Cloudflare logo connected

Protect your site with Kinsta’s state-of-the-art infrastructure.

When hackers are probing for a way into your site, they’ll often turn to the server to look for exploits. Don’t risk your security by choosing cheap hosting providers who don’t invest in the most secure servers.

If you want top-notch security, check out why Kinsta is your best option.

Enterprise-level firewall and DDoS protection

Two powerful firewalls protect your sites at all times. GCP’s IP-based protection firewall and Cloudflare’s enterprise-level firewall prevent many attacks from ever reaching your server.

Cloudflare’s strict rules filter helps monitor your site’s incoming traffic and block IPs associated with hacking and DDOS attacks.

Premium Tier Network

Google Cloud Platform’s premium tier assures secure transport of your data by delivering traffic over Google’s well-provisioned, low-latency, global network.

With your site hosted on GCP, you benefit from a security model developed over 15 years of continuous improvement through innovation.

The same system secures their top products, including Gmail and Google Search.

Complete isolation technology

Every site on our platform runs in an isolated software container.

And each contains all the software resources required to run the site — Linux, NGINX, PHP, MySQL — making each site 100% private.

Linux containers are the underlying container technology for our infrastructure. Hence, you won’t share any software or hardware resources, not even between your own sites.

WordPress security tools: Wildcard SSL, Enterprise-Level Firewal DDoS Protection, HTTP/3 Out-of-the-Box Support

And extra security precautions and tools are included in all plans.

Malicious traffic can hurt your website, reputation, and bottom line. And your WordPress host plays an integral part in maintaining a thoroughly secure environment.

At Kinsta, we process over 1.5 billion malicious bots’ requests every week before they even reach our clients’ sites.

Dedicated Malware Team

We proactively monitor your site’s daily inbound traffic to detect threats, and even possible infections on our platform.

The tools to keep your site safe are always up-to-date through the help of our fortified detection rules and scanners.

Additionally, our malware removal service and assistance are accessible and free to all Kinsta plans. Our service knows no tier and limit.

Free SSH Access

SSH provides secure logins, thus you can be confident no one can access your connection while using it.

With SSH access included in all Kinsta plans, you can securely connect to your website’s server and use WP-CLI to manage your WordPress site.

And for a more streamlined development workflow, you can add SSH keys to your MyKinsta dashboard to eliminate the need for a password. This enforces a safer way of logging into your server.

Free One-Click SSL Certificate with Wildcard Support

Encrypt and protect your site’s data exchange from cyber threats with Kinsta’s free, automatically renewed SSL with 256-bit encryption (SHA256).

Our free SSLs through Cloudflare also come with wildcard domain support! So if you use WordPress in multisite mode with dozens of multisite, all your subsites will be automatically protected, making HTTPS deployment significantly easier.

Screenshot showing MyKinsta uptime monitoring

Get secure hosting that supports your business needs.

With malicious attacks getting more dangerous, we back up our technology with expert support and services to ensure a 99.9% SLA-guaranteed uptime.

Proactive hack prevention + SLA-backed uptime

We have hardware firewalls, active and passive security, and other advanced features to prevent access to your data. And if you have a compromised site, we’ll fix it for free.

Regular uptime checks

Website issues can happen anytime. Our Malware and Abuse team checks your site 480 times daily for uptime. If there’s an issue, our engineers will respond quickly to get service restored to your site.

24/7/365 support

Website problems don’t stick to a 9-5 schedule. Connect to a WordPress expert in less than a minute, 24/7/365! Yup! That includes holidays and weekends! 

At Kinsta, 97% of all our support inquiries in over the past 5 years were closed with the customer happy and satisfied.

It’s the one area of my business I know I don’t have to think about. The support is incredible, and everything about the platform is thoughtfully designed and incredibly easy to use, and my customers’ sites are safe and secure.

World-class security with Cloudflare and google cloud logos

Easy access multi-layer security.

We can all agree that nothing could be worse than someone hijacking access to all of your sites, right? Here are more features to help you cover security basics with just one click.

Automatic backups

We automatically create 2 weeks’ worth of backups to keep your data safe and protected for any worst-case scenario.

Each backup is a complete snapshot of a site’s environment’s files, database, redirects, and Nginx configuration at the time the backup was created.

Two-factor authentication

We support two-factor authentication, IP Geolocation blocking, and automatically ban IPs with over 6 failed login attempts in a minute.

This way, malicious actors can no longer access your account with just a username and password.

One-click WordPress staging environment

Intercept errors and test new core updates, plugins, themes, and custom code with our free WordPress staging environment.

Work with peace of mind knowing that you can catch any errors or incompatibilities before pushing your site live.

How do our top-notch security infrastructure and practices keep our customers worry-free?

Our team enforces active and passive measures 24/7 all year round to stop attacks. So you can sit back, relax, and focus on what you love to do most.

Rest easy at night knowing we go over and beyond to keep your site safe.

  • Hide your WordPress and PHP versions from front-end requests.
  • Get new minor security updates from WordPress automatically. Core WordPress update is an exception.
  • Prevent malicious actors from accessing your site. Our open_basedir restrictions don’t allow PHP execution above the ~/public directory.
  • Stop an attack in its tracks through XML-RPC; our custom snippet of code in the NGINX config file produces a 403 error – forbidding them to access your page by default
  • Use the IP Deny tool in your MyKinsta dashboard to block any IP address.

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