General Information

1. Who Can Become a Kinsta Affiliate?

We encourage you to join our affiliate program if you’re a designer, developer, or publisher who creates web hosting content. The same goes for web or marketing agencies, and theme/plugin providers. We welcome all websites in the web industry niche and any business with the ability to make direct referrals to their professional network. 

That being said, we’re selective. Our affiliate team manually screens each applicant’s website. There are some common reasons why we reject applications.

We generally do not accept:

  • Publishers or blogs without a significant amount of relevant, high-quality content
  • Websites under construction or unfinished
  • Websites without their own domain name
  • Websites that display lists of tools or services with no further information
  • Websites without an affiliate disclosure
  • Coupons and deals websites
  • Social media profiles

We do not accept websites containing adult content, inappropriate content, or content regulated or illegal in any of the countries we operate in.

2. Do I Need to Be a Kinsta Client to Become an Affiliate?

No. But you should try our WordPress hosting, it’s awesome!

3. How Do I Join the Affiliate Program?

Easy! To apply, head to and click “Join now”. We’ll ask you to fill in some standard information about your site and your promotional methods. Then, our affiliate team will manually review your application.

You’ll receive an email with our decision within 3 business days. If your application is approved, you’ll gain access to the dashboard and its affiliate materials. We’ll also send you some great tips to start earning commissions!

4. How Do I Create My Affiliate Link?

Log in to the affiliate dashboard, click on the “Make affiliate link” button, paste any URL you’d like to link to from the Kinsta website, and click on “Create link”. Learn more about affiliate links.

5. Do You Use a Third-Party Platform to Track Sales?

No. We’ve built our Kinsta’s affiliate dashboard from the ground up. We stand behind our data and encourage you to double-check with your own measurements. Our system is ITP 2.0 ready. We track referrals through affiliate links that place a cookie on the customer’s browser. 

Use our dashboard to see your referred page views, subscriptions, and more. It’s available in five different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian, with more on the way.

6. I Can’t Log in to the Dashboard

First, make sure that you are trying to log in to our affiliates dashboard by heading to The affiliates dashboard is a separate platform from the MyKinsta dashboard. They have different URLs and you may use different email addresses to access each of them.

If you are still unable to log in, email [email protected] 

7. How Should I Write About Kinsta on My Site?

We’re glad you asked! Reviews and comparison articles are among the highest-converting types of content created by affiliates. To get information that can help you write reviews, visit the links below.

Not enough information? Don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]

Commissions and Payments

8. How Much Commission Do I Get for Each Referred Customer?

For every referral, you earn both:

  • An initial bonus (named one-time commission) between $50 and $500. The amount is calculated based on the plan the customer subscribes to and it’s paid only once.
  • A 10% recurring commission paid every month for the lifetime of the customer. The 10% is calculated out of the plan’s monthly fee (discounts applied). Add-ons are not included.

Learn more about our commission model.

Referred customers

9. I Just Made a Referral, but It Wasn’t Tracked

Kinsta’s affiliate dashboard can take up to 24 hours to show a new referral, so give it some time. To see your conversions, log in to the dashboard and check the ‘Referred customers’ area.

If your referral doesn’t display after 24h, you can claim it by reaching out to [email protected] within 14 days of the subscription date. Sometimes the client you refer doesn’t use the affiliate link in the right way, the cookie doesn’t fire, or another disruption takes place. In these cases, please get in touch. You’ll be required to provide some information so our team can investigate further and confirm that you should get credit for the sale. 

10. Why Is the One-Time Commission Status ‘Accumulating’?

There’s a 2-month qualification period for customer referrals to become certified. This window ends when your referred customer has had an active hosting subscription for 2 months and settled all payments. If the referred customer asks for a refund and cancels their Kinsta hosting, your referral becomes void. 

Once the qualification window is completed, your one-time commission gets approved. That means that you’ll receive your one-time commission in the next payment round. The amount will appear on your dashboard under the ‘One-time commission’ column replacing the ‘Accumulating’ message. 

The monthly recurring commissions will start accruing once the one-time commission has been approved. 

One-Time Commission status: ‘Accumulating’

11. When Will I Get Paid?

Once the balance of your approved commissions (both one-time and recurring) is more than $50.00, your commissions are eligible for payment and will be automatically included in the next payment round. Payments are made via PayPal between the 15th and 20th of each month.

12. The Dashboard Only Shows the One-Time Commission. Won’t I Get the Recurring One?

Yes, you will. At this point, you only see the one-time commission status because it’s the first step in our commission cycle. The first recurring commission starts accruing once the 2-months qualification period is completed and the one-time commission has been approved. 

The monthly recurring commission equals 10% of the referred plan’s monthly fee and is released for payment every month. Commissions will only be paid when the balance of all commissions due is more than $50.00.

13. Will I Really Get the Recurring Commission Forever?

Yes. You’ll receive a monthly recurring commission for the lifetime of the customer. We only stop paying the recurring commission if the customer cancels the subscription.

14. My Customer Upgraded Their Plan. Will My Recurring Commission Increase?

Yes. Your recurring commission will be raised accordingly. Recurring commissions are always adjusted when a customer upgrades, downgrades, or makes any other plan change, so they are equivalent to 10% of the customer’s new plan’s price. 

When switching between billing intervals, we’ll calculate the day period the customer was on each plan and prorate. Here are some example calculations.

15. Is There an Alternative Payment Method to PayPal?

No. At this time, Paypal is the only payment method available to receive your commissions.

16. How Does the Recurring Commission Work for Yearly Plans?

Recurring commissions earned from referrals of customers on yearly plans are paid monthly. We take the yearly fee paid by the customer, calculate the proportional monthly commission, and release the amount due each month.

Promotional Methods and Affiliate Terms

17. Am I Allowed to Run Paid Ads?

Affiliates cannot bid (in regards to online advertising, including but not limited to pay-per-click or pay-per-impression campaigns) on any keywords or phrases containing Kinsta branded terms and cannot include Kinsta’s affiliate links in paid ads that impersonate our brand. See our affiliate terms for more details.

We don’t have any objections if you run paid ads (without using Kinsta branded terms) to drive traffic to a page on your site that contains a Kinsta affiliate link. 

18. Can I Get an Exclusive Discount?

No. At Kinsta, we don’t provide exclusive discounts to specific affiliate partners. Moreover, we don’t have any coupon codes or deals available for potential clients. Learn more about our business approach to coupons. As per our affiliate terms, we prohibit the use of coupons and references to non-existing discounts.

That doesn’t mean that users can’t save some money on their subscriptions or that we don’t provide any incentives for potential clients. See some of our perks below:

19. Can I Place My Affiliate Link on a Third-party Traffic Source?

No. Referring traffic to Kinsta directly from a third-party traffic source is forbidden, except for third-party video hosting platforms. That includes banner exchanges, click exchanges, press releases, affiliate networks, or similar methods.

Referrals must be made from original content hosted on the affiliate’s website(s), original video content hosted at third-party video hosting platforms, or direct professional referrals made by the affiliate to their professional network.

20. Can I Refer My Own Company?

No. You can’t refer yourself in any fashion. This includes any website in which you have a controlling, proprietary, or equitable interest and the company you work for.

21. Can I Buy a Plan on Behalf of a Customer?

No. The form of payment should always belong to the client, who also needs to be the owner of the MyKinsta account. Any referral where payment is made utilizing a form of payment controlled by or belonging to the affiliate would be considered a violation of our affiliate terms.

If you want to handle payments on behalf of your customer, consider hosting your client’s sites on your own Kinsta accounts and billing them separately. Learn more about managing multiple sites and user settings in MyKinsta. Keep in mind this means you would be managing your client’s hosting and wouldn’t get affiliate commissions. If you are an agency interested in this type of model, check out our Agency Partner Program.

Join the program now and start earning with Kinsta today!