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Welcome to Gipfelgold, your full-service advertising agency in St. Johann in the heart of Salzburg in Austria. Our agency stands for innovation, creativity, and individual solutions in the fields of brand development, website creation, and online marketing. Our philosophy is based on the principle of collaboration and mutual trust, which enables us to reach the heights of marketing success together with our clients.

We believe that every company is a unique brand, and we help you position that brand for success through strategic thinking and authentic action. Our expertise includes brand development, website and online store design, and online marketing, including social media and Google Ads. With our comprehensive skills, we help you to reach your target group effectively and make your company successful in the digital age.

In addition, we offer print finishing services, where we place great emphasis on quality and emotional design. We work closely with high-quality printers to make your company not only a visual but also a tactile experience.

Above all, our customers value our courage, drive and ability to communicate at eye level and think holistically. We have already helped many companies define their brand identity, strengthen their online presence and develop innovative marketing strategies.

At Gipfelgold, the customer takes center stage. We look forward to working with you on the road to success and making your brand shine.