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You don't have a traffic problem, you have a marketing problem!

I'll prove it in 2 mins -->

Does your ideal type of customer look at your marketing material, website or advertising and utter the 4 most powerful words in marketing & advertising "this is for me?" Didn't think so.

And no, your business isn't different from the guys next door.

You just failed to provide a specific solution, to a specific customer with a specific problem, this basic principle of marketing is why 80% of what most businesses call marketing fail.

And if the basics aren't in place, I guarantee you the more advanced stuff isn't being done either.

So if you are the decision-maker in your business (MD, CEO or business owner) and want to attract, engage and retain more customers at a greater CLV (customer lifetime value) then you need to get ahold of me.

Regardless of your business and industry, I will increase your current ROI by miles and guarantee it. Yes, you read that correctly, I will guarantee results or your money back.

So now that you have no excuse, the ball is in your court.

PS: I don't take every client that wants to consult. I take clients that are serious about growing their business drastically in a short space of time and provided I have a slot available.

PPS: I don't consult with startups or new businesses. Join my newsletter to get tips on growing from scratch. You should ideally have a great product or service and a marketing budget of R50k/m plus.