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Welcome to Pixel. We write and maintain code that companies rely on and provide reliable solutions for our clients using proven web technologies. Located across western Canada, we have worked with organizations large, small, public and private to develop effective digital experiences and build custom solutions to help solve real-world problems since 2005. Our expertise extends beyond typical web development

we specialize in creating intricate integrations and technical solutions tailored to solve real-world challenges.

We believe in the uniqueness of every client. Our approach involves deep listening and understanding of your specific needs, enabling us to design and build systems that are completely customized for you. Our solutions are not confined to templates or pre-existing frameworks

instead, we focus on delivering a product that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Where other Development firms are busy populating purchased, off-the-shelf template websites, we’re busy listening. As a custom developer we have the distinct privilege of saying “Yes” to almost anything. Chances are that if you’ve got an idea for your site, whether visually or functionally, we can make it happen. You won’t be left wanting by a template because we’ll build you a solution that fits your needs exactly. And if those needs change, we’ll be there to tailor the system for years to come.