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Purr don’t believe that ‘digital’ only benefits marketing teams, or that ‘technology’ should be relegated to the IT department. Purr believe that all businesses can benefit from a digital-first approach and aim to help businesses find increased efficiencies, smart integrations and revenue streams.

Purr is proud to have wholeheartedly committed to the new Gutenberg WordPress editor. Purr adopted Gutenberg early on and have used it successfully, and on some of our largest projects, over the last few years - handing our clients the keys to performance optimisation, editorial flexibility, cost savings and a modular ecosystem of reusable components that empowers us and our clients to work in more efficient ways.

At Purr, Gutenberg is the linchpin around which a modern WordPress project revolves.

Over the years, the Purr team has grown from a one-man-band - building and maintaining websites - to its latest iteration, a dynamic (and rapidly growing) team of developers and self-proclaimed technology enthusiasts, working with some of the UK’s largest brands, organisations and agencies to develop cutting edge solutions for those fully utilising Web 3.0.

The Purr team are au fait at working with creative agency partners and know that digital projects don’t just need coders, but a whole host of other expertise. Purr is the development partner for over 25 agencies and has worked on and delivered over 300 successful digital projects.