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WP Bullet helps you solve challenging performance and stability issues with your WordPress or WooCommerce sites. We are a dedicated team of Full Stack Developers, System Engineers and Sysadmins who provide a holistic, multi-faceted approach to resolving website speed issues in both the backend and frontend.

We can help you find out why your store is crashing when you get a lot of customers with emergency troubleshooting using Kinsta's APM or New Relic. If you run a popular website that crashes when a post goes viral on Facebook, we can help you find out why. If your database happens to be the issue, we will clean it. If a plugin or some core component of WordPress is unhealthy, we'll identify them and provide actionable solutions.

If you want to get Google PageSpeed Scores in 90+ or improve your Google Core Web Vitals for SEO and UX, we work on frontend optimizations too. We have case studies showcasing previous client results so you can see what kind of results are possible working with us.