Node.js Hosting: Deploy and Scale With Ease

Join over 55,000 developers and digital entrepreneurs who host their projects on Kinsta’s dev-centric cloud platform. Test your Node.js app deployment for free, the first $20 is on us!

How It Works

Manage your apps, databases, DNS, and analytics all from our simple MyKinsta dashboard. Be up and running in minutes.

  1. Connect GitHub
    Connect your GitHub account to your MyKinsta dashboard and select your Node.js repo.
  2. Configure Your Machine
    Select your data center, build machine, and server resources.
  3. Deploy Automatically
    We’ll detect and install your app’s dependencies from package.json, then build and deploy.
  4. Get Online Fast
    From there, run, rebuild, and scale however you want.
Screenshot of MyKinsta dashboard

Give Your Node.js App The Best of Everything

Internal Database Connections

Host your database and application on the same data center and cluster. This is faster, more secure, and cost-effective. No row/query limits. Free internal bandwidth.

Google C2 Machines

Run your Node.js app on Google Cloud Platform servers. We only offer their fastest-available C2 Machines in your choice of 25 data center locations on 5 continents.

Premium Tier Network

It all runs on Google’s Premium Tier network, their fastest and most reliable network. The same used for Gmail, Search, YouTube, and many top international brands.

Cloudflare Integration

Get enterprise-level firewall and DDoS protection by Cloudflare. Kinsta CDN spans the globe with 275+ POPs for maximum speed.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Focus on coding your Node.js app while we power it with Google Kubernetes Engine for efficiency, load balancing, and scaling.

24/7/365 Live Chat Support

We include 24/7 support on all server pods. You don’t need to purchase expensive support packages to get live help.

GitHub Deployments

Automatically deploy from GitHub any time you publish new code to your specified branch within MyKinsta.

Custom Domains

Easily route traffic with custom domains and SSL. Everything is easy to access and mange on MyKinsta.


MyKinsta is designed for simplicity and collaboration with unlimited collaborators and a UI using common industry terms (no fluff).

Test It Yourself for Free

Try out your app on a live server with our Node.js hosting. This is a full-featured pod, not a low-powered trial tier. Your first $20 are free!

Choose Your Data Center for Maximum Speed

At no extra cost to you, select the region that works best for you and your customers. Choose from 25 data centers. All our locations offer Google’s best C2 machines! Plus, our CDN has 275+ POPs giving your website a global presence and unequaled speed.

Data Centers (25)
CDN Locations (275)
Locations of Google Cloud data centers on a world map
  • Changhua County, Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Osaka, Japan
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Mumbai, India
  • Delhi, India
  • Jurong West, Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Hamina, Finland
  • St. Ghislain, Belgium
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Eemshaven, Netherlands
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Montréal, Canada
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Santiago, Chile
  • Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA
  • Moncks Corner, South Carolina, USA
  • Ashburn, Virginia, USA
  • The Dalles, Oregon, USA
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Usage Based Pricing

Pay only for what you use. You have full control to build and run your Node.js app/s any way you want to. It’s simple, transparent, and predictable.

  1. Select your Application Pod for running your app, then,
  2. Select one of the three powerful Build Machines to set up your ideal workflow and save time

Application Pods

Build Machines

Get Started for Free

Check it out with a full-featured account. Your first $20 worth of server resources are on us!

How Other Tech Stacks Up

How does Kinsta’s Node.js hosting stack up against other options?

24/7/365 live chat support included
Tickets or forum support only
You’ll pay $1000/month at Heroku, Digital Ocean, or Fly to access direct contact with a support agent.
Speed30% faster
With internal database connections than Heroku after extensive testing
No internal connections
Heroku and most other hosts don’t offer internal database connections, which can lead to slower, less secure, yet more expensive hosting.
DDoSEnterprise grade
Protected by advanced DDoS protection powered by Cloudflare.
Basic or DIY
DDoS protection is either not included, DIY, or basic with Heroku, Digital Ocean, or Fly.
Set cron jobs at any time interval.
Limited or not included
Heroku only offers 3 time interval settings, Fly does not offer cron.

These comparisons are based on hundreds of real-world speed tests performed on actual server clusters and good-faith comparative research performed throughout November and December 2022.

Here’s What Our Customers Say

Customers love us for our commitment to cutting-edge technology, improving the developer experience, and expert support.


Do you have documentation for Node.js hosting?

Yes, see our Node.js Quick Start Example page for more details on deployment. Also, we have a starter (hello world) GitHub repo that you can fork and use as a starter Node.js app.

Do you have any resources for Node.js / npm development?

Yes, we have several articles to help you learn more about Node.js and npm. And more are on the way.

How Does the $20 off First Month Work?

Sign up and it will automatically be added to your account. For a limited time, get $20 off your first month of Application Hosting and/or Database hosting.

The $20 starts depleting when you add your first app or database service on your MyKinsta dashboard, not when you sign up for your account.

Note: This $20 off the first month does not “roll over” to the second monthly cycle. For example, if you only use $8 within the first monthly billing cycle, you cannot keep the remaining $12 off for the next monthly billing cycle.

How Does Billing Work?

You only pay for the server resources your app/database used in a post-payment method. We charge monthly at the end of your billing cycle. All services are prorated to the second. This means you only pay for what you use each day. If you create a service and delete it after a day, you pay just for the time used on that day

How Is Server Usage Calculated? Do You Charge for Pageviews?

No, we do not charge for pageviews. You are billed for server resources used (CPU cycles, RAM, and build time). Your charges are based on the pod size you select.

What Type of Support Does Kinsta Offer?

We offer 24/7/365 chat support. We average less than two minutes of wait time for the first response. 97% of support inquiries are closed with the customer happy and satisfied. Your happiness is our number one priority.

Find out more about the scope of support here.

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept these major credit/debit cards; Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, and Discover. Your payment info is stored and processed securely by Stripe and never touches our servers.

Will Taxes Be Included in My Monthly Invoice?

Yes, if it is required in your region. We will comply with local tax regulations for USA sales tax, EU and UK VAT, and GST in India. Learn more about your region below:

Am I Charged When I Enter My Credit Card?

No. You won’t be billed until the end of your first monthly billing cycle. At the end of your first month, you’ll be billed for the server resources you previously used.

Note: Managed WordPress hosting plans are pre-paid, unlike Application Hosting or Database Hosting plans which are post-paid. If you have a new or existing Managed WordPress plan, that will be billed at the beginning of your monthly billing cycle.

What Currency Will I be Charged In?

You will be charged in US Dollars (USD). Your credit or debit card charge will be converted into your currency when deducted from your account.

Which Other Frameworks/Languages Can I Use?

We currently support Node.js, Ruby, Python, Java, Scala, PHP, and Go. When using one of these languages/frameworks, we’ll determine and set up the container image automatically. Or you can run almost any app by using your own custom Dockerfiles with a few more configuration steps. Learn more about setting up applications.

Can We Also Host Standalone Databases? Which Types?

Yes, our Database Hosting service supports Redis, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. You can connect Kinsta-hosted applications and your Kinsta-hosted databases all within our infrastructure for blazing-fast speed and security. Learn more about setting up databases.

Can We Host Static Sites?

Yes, kinda. We will be adding full static site features in the future. For now, you can deploy a static site built with Gatsby. We even have a sample GitHub repository to fork or use as a guide.

Do You Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes! Earn 5% lifetime recurring commissions on referrals to Kinsta Application Hosting by sharing your affiliate link when recommending Kinsta to your clients, adding your affiliate link to GitHub repositories and deployment guides, inserting your affiliate ID when transferring a site, and much more!

Whether you’re a developer, agency owner, blogger, product manager, or running an open source project, share Kinsta to help others build better and faster. We’ll make it worth your while.

Get Your Node.js App off Your IDE and on the Web

The first $20 are on us! You can try any pod size you want for real world testing and time trial results.