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How to Manage 40+ Client Sites Successfully — Free Ebook Download

Managing client sites has never been easier (if you follow these tips). Download this 60-page ebook and learn how to scale site management!

Join Kinsta at WordCamp Europe 2020 (Get Your Free Virtual Goodie Bag)

Kinsta will be at WordCamp Europe 2020 as a sponsor. Join us for the first-ever virtual WCEU, and learn more about Kinsta at our virtual booth!

The WordPress Hooks Bootcamp: How to Use Actions, Filters, and Custom Hooks

Learn WordPress Hooks in depth. Master Actions, Filters, and Custom Hooks by creating your own extensible plugin. Level up your WordPress dev skill...

What’s New in PHP 8 (Features, Improvements, and the JIT Compiler)

PHP 8 is expected to be released on December 03, 2020. It will bring new features, deprecations, and performance boost. Check what's new in PHP 8!

How to Submit Your WordPress Site to Google News and Google Discover

Having your website’s content in Google News is a great way to increase traffic. This is a tutorial about how to submit site to Google News with Wo...

16 Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins (Compared With Examples)

Discover the best WordPress photo gallery plugins so that your photos are not only presented well, but they don't cause problems with site performa...

The Complete Guide to the WordPress Media Library (4 Handy Media Library Hacks Included)

The WordPress Media Library is a powerful tool for media management. Learn how to make the best out of it and 4 handy hacks to customize it further.

How to Configure Cloudflare Settings for WordPress

Learn how to boost your site's performance and security with this in-depth guide on the best Cloudflare settings for WordPress.

4 Easy Ways to Add Google Analytics to WordPress (Using Plugins vs Adding Code Manually)

Need to connect Google Analytics to WordPress? Check out all different ways you can add Google Analytics tracking code to your WorPress site.

14 Best Blogging Platforms to Help You Get Content out in the Wild 2020

Launching a blog soon? This in-depth guide goes through the best blogging platforms to help you pick the right solution: self-hosted vs hosted.

Ecommerce Hosting: 8 Things to Look for If You’re Serious About Your Store

Looking for the best ecommerce hosting? Learn the most important features you need to make sure your host has to support your store's growth and se...

How to Stop WordPress Spam Comments (Built-In Features, Spam Plugins, Captcha, and WAF)

Spam comments can be very annoying and a big waste of time. Plus they can negatively affect your reputation. Learn how you can stop WordPress spam...

Types of Cloud Computing — an Extensive Guide on Cloud Solutions and Technologies in 2020

The complexity of the cloud market is hard to navigate. This guide explains the different types of cloud computing solutions and highlights their f...