Understanding Managed WordPress Hosting

In the last couple of years there has been a buzz around managed WordPress hosting services. This market is growing rapidly and tens of thousands of WordPress site owners take advantage of the services provided by these hosting companies.

What Makes WordPress so Powerful? No Doubt, its Community! Check out our Latest Guide!

We’ve just released our latest guide, this time it’s about the WordPress community that makes this CMS so powerful.

How to Manage Your Projects in WordPress With Project Panorama

Either running a small blog or a profitable online business, managing your projects is of utmost priority in order to keep it organized and fruitful, and save yourself from being chaotic. Fortunately WordPress offers endless possibilities for that. By using a project management plugin, you’ll be able to keep on track of the deadlines and manage projects on schedule. Now I will review one of the most popular plugins for this purpose, and show you how to use it.

Reviewing Qards, a Brand New Plugin from Designmodo

Designmodo continues producing nice plugins and themes for WordPress. After the recent success of their previous product, Startup Framework for WordPress, they’ve just released their brand new plugin, Qards. I’ve looked into the plugin’s usage and features, so I would like to share my experiences with you.

BuddyPress, bbPress and GlotPress Development Crowdfunding Campaign

John James Jacoby (JJJ) launched a campaign on Indiegogo two days ago to raise money to fund his full-time work of six months on three sister projects of WordPress: BuddyPress, bbPress and GlotPress. The purpose of the campaign is to reach the goal of $50,000 that would make it possible for him to work on the aforementioned three projects.

Reviewing WordPress Leads – CRM & Lead Management for WordPress

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are being used more and more frequently by businesses who aim to strengthen and cultivate their client relationships. As the market is flooded by tons of goods, services and brands, customer service and care makes a huge difference between rivals. That’s the reason many online business rely on various CRM solutions to arrange their relationships and keep track of the communication flow.

Startup Framework for WordPress – Speed Up Your WorkFlow

One of the reasons for WordPress’s undiminished success might be that it’s for everyone. Really. More solutions are born day after day with the aim to improve user experience and facilitate the use of the platform. Now, it’s possible to set up a website without the need of knowing a line of code. Let’s explore one of the coolest ways of setting up a site with Designmodo’s Startup Framework for WordPress!

A Recap of WordCamp Europe 2014 Sofia

WordCamp Europe was held in Sofia, Bulgaria this year, on September 27-29. It’s been almost a week now and we can’t wait to see all the videos on WordPress TV!

Content Marketing Case Study: WordPress History

Yes, another “content is king” post, probably the umpteenth you’ve seen today. Phrases such as content, quality content and content marketing are pretty much overused nowadays and most of the people don’t even click on the headline – this may be because the topic is always discussed only generally repeating the same old clichés: create high quality content, shareable content, engaging content and whatnot. High quality content shouldn’t be underlined at all, I mean, it is (or should be) evident.

Kinsta’s Detailed Marketing Guide For Small Business Owners

Getting attention online is harder and harder especially if you play against the big boys in your niche.