Articles by Brian Li

Brian is the Website Content Manager at Kinsta. He focuses on content publishing, website functionality, and SEO. Brian has been a WordPress user for over 10 years, and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the community. In his free time, Brian enjoys playing the piano and exploring Tokyo with his camera. Connect with Brian on his website at

How to Regenerate Thumbnails in WordPress (Via Plugins and WP-CLI)

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PHP Workers: What They Are and How Many You Need (Advanced Guide)

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Running a Virtual Sponsor Booth at WordCamp Europe 2020 (Goodie Bag Inside)

WordCamp Europe 2020 is the first WordCamp that’s happening online with virtual booths.This is how Kinsta does its part and gives back to the commu...

Join Kinsta at WordCamp Europe 2020

Kinsta will be at WordCamp Europe 2020 as a sponsor. Join us for the first-ever virtual WCEU, and learn more about Kinsta at our virtual booth!

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