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Articles by David Gwyer

David Gwyer is a WordPress developer at WPGoplugins, JavaScript programmer, and technical writer with 20+ years industry experience. His current development work is focused on creating engaging blocks for the exciting new WordPress Editor. Connect with David on Twitter
Resource limit is reached. Error 508. Featured image, illustration.

How to Fix the 508 Resource Limit is Reached Error

Learn how to identify and fix the "508 Resource Limit is Reached" error and get your site back online in no time!
Reading time
7 min read
Publish date
May 14, 2021
iconcube loader

How to Install ionCube Loader (Step by Step Tutorial)

Learn how to install ionCube Loader in your web hosting following this step-by-step tutorial.
Reading time
20 min read
Publish date
December 2, 2019