Speed is everything in today’s web world. Users worldwide expect pages and websites to load fast. If that doesn’t happen in a few seconds, they simply leave.

At Kinsta, all our customers can take advantage of Kinsta CDN for free, on top of our performance-optimized hosting stack. Kinsta CDN is powered by Cloudflare’s global network in over 200+ locations and in more than 100 countries around the globe, features HTTP/3, is IPv6-enabled, and has a very low time to first byte (TTFB).

Websites with Kinsta CDN enabled registered up to a 44% reduction in page load time compared to the same websites without Kinsta CDN.

With the intent of providing more value to Kinsta customers every day, in true “bang for the buck” fashion, we’ve decided to increase the free CDN bandwidth available on all standard plans.

Introducing New Free CDN Bandwidth Limits for Kinsta CDN

Even though standard plans at Kinsta came with a generous amount of free CDN bandwidth already, we wanted to top our previous numbers. Some plans now have up to 6x the amount of free CDN bandwidth previously available.

Here are the new free CDN bandwidth limits for each standard plan type:

Plan Old Limit (GB) New Limit (GB)
Starter 50 100 (+100%)
Pro 100 200 (+100%)
Business 1 200 400 (+100%)
Business 2 300 600 (+100%)
Business 3 500 800 (+60%)
Business 4 500 1200 (+140%)
Agency 1 500 800 (+60%)
Agency 2 500 1200 (+140%)
Agency 3 1000 2000 (+100%)
Enterprise 1 1000 2000 (+100%)
Enterprise 2 1000 3000 (+200%)
Enterprise 3 1000 4000 (+300%)
Enterprise 4 1000 6000 (+500%)

We’ve increased the free CDN bandwidth quota for each standard plan anywhere from 60% up to 500% at no additional cost.

The new monthly CDN limits have already been applied across all standard plans. This means if you’re already using Kinsta CDN, you should see them in the Resource Usage panel in MyKinsta.

And if you’re not using Kinsta CDN yet, now is the best time to enable it!

Additional free CDN bandwidth for Kinsta CDN means you can now:

  • Power more websites with one of the fastest and largest CDN networks available in the market today.
  • Grow your CDN usage for delivering even more of your content assets through 260+ PoPs.
  • Abandon your worries about running into CDN bandwidth overages (at least for the time being).

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