Local WordPress development allows you to test core updates before pushing them live, customize plugins and themes to see how they’d run without compromising your production environments, and, ultimately, make sure everything will work as you intended before implementing any critical changes.

When we released our own free local WordPress development suite DevKinsta, back in February 2021, we made it available from both macOS and Windows.

But we were already working on the last piece of the puzzle, which is what we’re happy to release today: DevKinsta for Ubuntu/Linux users!

Introducing DevKinsta for Ubuntu/Linux

As this was a highly-requested feature, our development team has been working hard to make the latest release of DevKinsta compatible with Ubuntu/Linux (currently 1.1.x).

DevKinsta's Create New site window
DevKinsta is now available for Ubuntu/Linux

While specifically designed and built for Ubuntu distributions, DevKinsta is also compatible with and works on other Linux distributions but not natively.

If you’re using non-Ubuntu distributions, you’ll need to manually install Docker.

Here are some of the most interesting features this latest version introduces:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 support
  • Advanced logging
  • Added search into site push/pull
  • Added the ability to select which WP version do you want to install under custom site creation
  • Display valid WP version
  • Display the application version (under Settings > Software Update)
  • Updated Adminer config for handling large dumps
  • Added the ability to check the free space in a folder before move there the project folder

On top of these, DevKinsta’s latest version also brings several bug fixes for the Windows version, some of which are:

  • Emails don’t disappear on restart
  • Updated elements display
  • Fixed folder path on site-detail page
  • During retrying site creation shows the error before
  • Added DB size calculation
  • Improved thumbnail generation
  • Fixed not working copy box

You don’t need to be a Kinsta customer to use DevKinsta, plus it’s completely free for everyone to use. If you’re using Ubuntu (or any other Linux distributions), give DevKinsta a try today!