We believe the best promotion for Kinsta’s hosting platform comes from our customers. And now we’re rewarding current customers for recommending our services to future customers.

Kinsta’s new Referral Program is automatically available to all customers and can help pay their hosting bills.

What’s more, says Adrián Sebastián, Head of Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships here at Kinsta, making a referral is as easy as sharing a link.

“Customers can obtain a referral link with just two clicks while they’re navigating their hosting dashboard and share it with anyone straight away,” Sebastián says. “Every time they refer someone, they can receive hosting credits that are reflected in their account balance. And they can earn up to two rewards for each referral they make.”

You earn a $10 USD credit when one of your referrals signs up for a new Kinsta account and creates at least one paid service, regardless of whether they have made a payment. Then you receive a $50 credit as a second reward when the referral spends their first $50.

“By taking advantage of the Referral Program, you have the opportunity to reduce or completely cover your hosting invoice simply by recommending Kinsta to other users.”

— Adrián Sebastián, Head of Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships

Getting Started With Referrals

You can find your company’s unique referral link by clicking on your name in the upper-right corner of the MyKinsta dashboard and selecting Company Settings in the dropdown. Then select Referrals on the left-hand menu:

Screenshot showing the MyKinsta dashboard page for the Referral Program.
Locating the Referral Link within MyKinsta.

The Referrals page also displays running tallies of credits available for your next invoice, the total credits earned under the program, and how many referrals have resulted in account sign-ups, the creation of services, and have met the $50 billing threshold.

You can copy your special Referral Link and share it by email, messaging services, and social media or by publishing it on websites. Kinsta tracks the use of the link by placing cookies in users’ browsers and then crediting you when a referral becomes an active customer.

“The Referral Program is exclusively for Kinsta customers,” Sebastián says. “The purpose is to make it easier for them to recommend our hosting service while also providing an opportunity to save on their Kinsta services. Any Kinsta customer can become a casual referrer and invite their friends or others to join Kinsta.”

This simplicity is part of what sets the Referrals Program apart from Kinsta’s commission-based Affiliate Program.

Says Sebastián: “The Referral Program is perfect for customers who want to earn hosting credits or simply refer people they know to Kinsta. On the other hand, the Affiliate Program is more suitable for developers, agencies, or anyone seeking a reliable source of additional income for their business, or those with an established referral process.”

Referral or Affiliate Program: How To Choose

Sebastián says the primary distinction between Kinsta’s Referral Program and the Affiliate Program is the compensation offered.

“The Referral Program offers hosting credits that are automatically applied to the customer’s next invoice without any redemption process required,” he says. “Affiliate Program members receive a recurring cash commission every month for the lifetime of the customer accounts they refer. This means customers they refer today can generate monthly payments for years to come. Plus, for certain services, affiliates receive a one-time commission of up to $500.”

Affiliate Program members also receive access to promotional resources, a dedicated affiliate manager, in-depth analytics, and more perks to help them increase their sales. But Sebastián says it’s easier to get started with the Referral program.

“If it turns out that you have a talent for recommending customers through our Referral Program or believe you can make a substantial amount of referrals that exceed your hosting invoice, you may have the potential to become a more professional referrer,” he says. “Then consider joining our Affiliate Program to begin earning money — or combining both programs for greater benefits.”

Start Referring Today

If you are already a Kinsta customer and using our Application Hosting, Database Hosting, or Managed WordPress Hosting services, you are already set to take advantage of the Referral Program. Read our Referral Program FAQ for more details.

If you aren’t yet a Kinsta customer but want to start using referrals to help pay your hosting bills, simply create your Kinsta account, and you’ll be ready to begin sharing in no time.