We just launched our search and replace tool and it’s now available in the MyKinsta dashboard for all clients. This was a highly requested feature, as it helps make bulk updates on your site a breeze! 

As many of you migrate your sites to HTTPS, this now allows you to easily update your hard-coded HTTP URLs in the database (recommended over using a plugin) without ever having to contact our support team or worry about MySQL queries. We of course are available 24×7 if you need assistance, but we know a lot of you prefer to do things yourself if you can. ?

The search and replace tool is available in the dashboard under the “Tools” section of your site.

Kinsta search and replace tool
Kinsta search and replace tool

There are many scenarios in which this tool can save you a lot of time! Here are a few additional examples of how you might use it:

  • Moving site from www to non-www URLs or vice versa
  • Changing to a new domain name
  • Updating old shortcodes, content, strings of text

Make sure to check out our search and replace tutorial for a more in-depth walk through and example.