Staying open and transparent, while keeping you informed is very important to us. We’ve listened to all the feedback regarding our status page and we completely agree it wasn’t meeting expectations. Because of this, we’ve launched a brand new status page.

You can now subscribe for updates at via email or use the RSS feed to import it into your team’s Slack client. It’s also just one click away in the footer of our website.

New Segmented Status Page Features

You can now see details regarding disruptions in service (including outages and maintenance) to the following:

    • MyKinsta: Hosting control panel.
    • Website and blog.
    • Kinsta Support System: Chat and email support powered by Intercom.
    • MyKinsta Analytics Servers: Elasticsearch servers generating analytics data for MyKinsta users.
    • Data Center Locations: All Google Cloud Platform data center locations.
    • Affiliate Dashboard: Affiliate control panel.
Kinsta status page
Kinsta status page