“Money Forward. Move your life forward.” Guided by this corporate mission, Money Forward, Inc. provides services to address financial issues for individuals and corporations. These include the Money Forward ME family budgeting application for consumers and the Money Forward Cloud business-focused cloud product.

We asked Tomohiko Sakaguchi, Director, SEO & Media Department, SMB Division at Money Forward, to find out how Kinsta helped their business.


  • Industry: Fintech
  • Company Size: 1,000+

The Problem

Companies experiencing rapid growth need to make sure their hosting stack is set up for scalability or risk losing money fast.

“We have a dedicated team that manages the infrastructure environment for our services across the company. They take care of the system that powers our services, as well as the servers for our WordPress media sites.”

“Before migrating to Kinsta, we had about 30 sites running on WordPress. As our business grew rapidly in a short period of time, both our requirements and hosting setup changed at a fast pace. Because of this we found ourselves overwhelmed by a disorganized set of WordPress sites across different departments, domains, and server environments.”

“We were not able to focus on our core business, because hosting maintenance and sites management tasks had become really resource-intensive for us. When the server occasionally went down, it cost us a huge amount of time and money and strained our team.”

The Solution

As part of their efforts to improve their hosting experience, Money Forward started looking for a managed hosting solution. While comparing WordPress hosting providers online, they discovered Kinsta.

“Compared to other WordPress managed hosting providers, we found that Kinsta was packed with powerful features that we needed for our business, such as IP-based restrictions, HTTP basic authentication, CDN, automatic management of TLS certificates, and migration support.”

“Our migration to Kinsta was incredibly easy. All we had to do was provide a set of backup files and the rest was done by their team.”

“We also had a specific custom requirement where we needed to set up our own reverse proxy to route traffic. The Kinsta team was so flexible in configuring it for us that it made the entire migration process a breeze.”

The Result

7x faster site speed

“Since the migration, we have been able to easily add sites, create staging environments, manage cache, and check access and error logs all within MyKinsta. Most of the work required for development and operation can now be completed by the staff in each department, without the need for our infrastructure team to spend any time at all on it.”

“Also, we’ve never had a service issue since we moved to Kinsta — it’s completely stable and free from performance troubles. For example, we have a website called Tax Return Basics that concerns the topic of tax returns. Prior to the Kinsta migration, we used to experience errors during the busy tax filing season in February and March. However, since the migration to Kinsta, we have not experienced any of these performance-related issues.”

Here’s a comparison of the site speed time in Google Analytics for one month before and after Money Forward migrated to Kinsta.

  • Before: 0.89s
  • After: 0.12s
Site speed time in Google Analytics before and after moving to Kinsta
Site speed time in Google Analytics before and after moving to Kinsta

Since moving to Kinsta, the reduction in average server response time couldn’t be clearer. Low TTFB (time to first byte) numbers are one of the hallmarks of Kinsta’s fast hosting.

Peace of mind while your WordPress sites expand and your business grows

We recommend Kinsta to anyone, like us, who struggles with the hassle of managing your WordPress hosting. Kinsta’s hosting platform is reliable, if something happens they will notify you via email, and their support is amazingly responsive so it’s easy to diagnose and fix any problem that may arise. You can leave your day-to-day hosting maintenance to them knowing that you’re in good hands.