Are you considering joining one of Kinsta’s development teams? Here are some important things we’d like to share with you!

What Development Works On

The Development Stack

We keep our tools up to date and as homogenous as possible.

The Development Ecosystem

Development is not done in a vacuum. All departments are interconnected, and while some are closer to the day-to-day processes of development than others, we work as one unified whole.

We are proud of the collaborative atmosphere we have built. Team members are expected to understand the importance of meeting each teams’ needs. Developers understand that Marketing and Customer Teams need advance warning and perhaps a UI freeze before release, just as these teams understand the need for PR reviews and testing which may push our timeline back.

How Development Is Organized

Kinsta is an agile company. We are not afraid of change — we actively seek it out to continuously improve our performance. Due to this, the organization of development is constantly evolving as we grow.

Projects are the main “unit” of organization we use. Developers are assigned to projects and a Project Owner is designated — usually a developer themselves. The Project Owner is responsible for translating the idea into a released feature. Depending on the type of project the owner will have a degree of control over the feature itself, its scope, planning, etc. The project owner is also responsible for ensuring smooth and timely communication between all departments.

We use Jira to organize our tasks and GitHub to manage our code and associated activities such as PR reviews.

We have numerous tools integrated to our GitHub repositories, which aid us during the development flow and create a place for strong collaboration — not just between developers but other teams as well:

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