Every candidate is unique, bringing their own mix of soft skills, technical skills, and other qualities to the table. We welcome diversity and ensure everyone is considered only in their ability to bring value to the Kinsta team and nothing else.

Technical Excellence

We’re looking for team members who strive for technical excellence, regardless of their level. We expect in-depth understanding of all aspects of our stack, or — lacking that — the disposition and experience needed to train yourself in hands-on usage quickly.

The Ability to Grow and Learn

We believe that the capability to provide excellent code is the beginning of a developer’s journey. We are looking for team members who empower themselves. We want to see the internal drive to grow and do better every day. We are continuously working on ways to aid in this journey through mentorship, well-thought-out structure and practices, and development budgets. However, the strong desire to grow needs to come from within.

Systems Thinking

The ability to view problems from all angles — understanding and adopting views that come from outside the development bubble — is a skill that we expect from everyone on the team. You will need to look at problems from at least the perspective of developers, clients, and marketing and customer team members.

Development is just a part of what we do at Kinsta and we prefer to make sure all teams understand the basic needs and processes of other teams. This ensures we can work together at all times, instead of having a continuous struggle between teams.

Solution-Oriented Approach

Our goal is to build a great product in a relaxed environment consisting of professionals in every field. This can only be done if we are open to feedback and constructive criticism. We value a solution-oriented approach to these situations. If you see an issue anywhere, don’t merely communicate the problem — be prepared with potential solutions and ideas we can use to kickstart the process.


Ownership is one of our most valued skills. In many ways, it encompasses everything else. It is the ability to feel invested in what you’re doing and empowered to do it. Whether we’re talking about the ownership of a project or your personal career development at Kinsta, we want you to take control, ask questions, solicit feedback, and put the project and yourself on the path to success.

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