South America Data Center is Now Available (São Paulo, Brazil)

Written on September 18, 2017. Updated on: September 18, 2017

As previously stated, we’ll be rolling out new locations here at Kinsta as Google Cloud Platform does. We know some of you have been waiting for this and so we’re excited to announce that the Google Data Center in São Paulo, Brazil is now available for hosting your WordPress sites.

According to Internet World Stats, South America has over 277 million internet users. With 139 million of them in Brazil alone.  So for those of you who are primarily serving customers and visitors in South America, this can be an instant way to decrease network latency, TTFB, and ensure lightning fast load times.

Previously the closest available data center was in South Carolina, USA. From tests we ran, the new São Paulo, Brazil data center showed 88% to 95% reductions in round-trip time (RTT) latency when serving customers in surrounding areas. This location is now available from within the MyKinsta dashboard when you go to add a site.

São Paulo, Brazil Google Data Center

São Paulo, Brazil Google Data Center

See our knowledge base article on Google Cloud Platform locations for more information and questions about moving an existing site.

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