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General WordPress

How to Setup WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping

Multisite is great for managing multiple WordPress sites from a single installation. Check out our guide on how to setup WordPress multisite domain...

How to Change Your WordPress Login URL

Changing your WordPress login URL can decrease the number of bad login attempts to your website. Follow our quick tutorial to beef up your site's s...

WordPress Disable RSS Feed

Not everyone wants to utilize the blog function on their WordPress site. Follow this quick and easy tutorial on how to in WordPress disable RSS feeds.

How to Perform a WordPress Search and Replace

There are certain times when you need to update things in bulk on your site. Check out our guide on how to perform a bulk WordPress search and repl...

What Is a Trackback?

What is a trackback? A trackback is a way to manually notify older blogging systems that you have linked to one of their posts. Click here to learn...

WordPress Disable Comments

Disabling comments can reduce spam and speed up your WordPress website. Follow these quick and easy options on how to in WordPress disable comments.