MyKinsta: Manage All Your Web Projects The Easy Way

Host all your web projects in one place with unlimited users with your MyKinsta dashboard.

Screenshot of the default MyKinsta dashboard

Everything Under One Roof

MyKinsta is your single intuitive dashboard for deploying, hosting, and managing all your web projects.

Screenshot showing the various Kinsta services in the MyKinsta dashboard

Real Support Right Away

Get technical support from Kinsta’s team of experts in under 2 minutes. It’s just a click away right inside MyKinsta.

No ticket system or tiered support. Only useful and in real-time replies.

Included with all plans and services

97% satisfaction rate

Available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese

Photos of the Kinsta support team

Go Live In Minutes

Whether you have a new app or existing website you can get started immediately, compatible with CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment).


Launching an application in MyKinsta takes only 4 steps:

  1. Connect your GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab repo and set deployment options
  2. Select your data center
  3. Choose server CPU/RAM resources (scale up or down manually at any time, or set up automatic scaling)
  4. Deploy and easily redeploy after updates with Nixpacks, Buildpacks, or Dockerfiles


See a complete history with branch details and commit numbers. Redeploy from previous commits.


View, search, and filter server logs for the last 24 hours. Sort by process or severity.


Create and view processes and manage your build machine’s CPU and RAM.


See details on your app’s last 24 hours including; bandwidth, build time, runtime, CPU, and RAM usage.


View and edit basic app settings, Git branch settings, Buildpacks, add/edit database connections, and configure environment variables.


Add a custom domain to your application. Every custom domain includes a free SSL certificate.

Kinsta API

Work more efficiently using our REST API to quickly retrieve data, perform actions, make deployments, or automate workflows.

Web Terminal

Enable command-line access to your app’s container. Read files, manually run scripts, debug issues, or do application performance monitoring.

Cron Jobs

Automate repetitive tasks to save time. Schedule background processes at any interval. Stop your Cron job pod/s between tasks to control costs.


Set up a database in MyKinsta easily:

  1. Select the database type and version you want
  2. Select your data center
  3. Choose server resources (scale up any time)
  4. Deploy and add database connections
Screenshot of setting up a database


Edit settings or scale up your database storage, memory, or CPU resources at any time.


Review your database details and create internal or external connections.


Access daily automatic database backups, they’re stored for 7 days, or make up to 5 manual backups.


Monitor the storage usage, runtime, CPU usage and memory usage for your database instance.

Screenshot showing MyKinsta disk management

Persistent Storage

In addition to databases, you can store client data, session information, or new files in a stateful app. Data will be saved (persist) on your container after redeploying, restarting or shutting down your app.

  • Specify a mount path
  • Choose your disk size, 10 GB to 1 TB
  • Upgrade your size at any time

Managed WordPress Sites

Create a WordPress site or migrate from your existing host. It’s just a few clicks in MyKinsta:

  1. Start new, request a migration, or clone an existing install
  2. Select your data center
  3. Configure site title, administrator, and password
  4. Deploy your new WordPress site
A selection of screenshots showing MyKinsta functionality

Complete WordPress Performance Optimization

Your MyKinsta dashboard has dozens of settings and tools to improve your WordPress site performance. Some web hosts charge extra for these tools. We include them with every plan!

Edge Caching

Enable or disable Edge Caching, create a separate mobile cache, clear your cache globally, or clear cache for specific URLs or subdirectories.


Enable/disable your CDN, clear cache, and control settings for image optimization, code minification (CSS and JS), and excluding files.


View your automatic daily backups, download archives, restore from backups, or configure additional options like hourly or external.

Themes and Plugins

See all themes and plugins installed on your site, monitor versions, and perform upgrades right from MyKinsta (no need to log in to WP Admin!).


Enable our custom-made Application Performance Monitoring to analyze and improve your site performance by finding issues or slowdowns.


Redirect pages to avoid 404 errors. Add rules with Regular Expressions syntax (RegEx) or bulk import RegEx rules from CSV.


Monitor performance metrics like: server resource consumption, CDN usage, user devices, PHP speed, cache, and geographic and IP information.

IP Deny

Block access to your site by IP address if you are having a problem with spammers or a bot.

Unlimited Users

Invite unlimited users as ‘full admins’ (full access) or ‘site developers’ (staging access).

User Activity

Monitor all actions performed on your install/s: user, action taken, date, and time.


Debug your site if needed with searchable error, cache, and access logs.

Kinsta API

Create new sites, gather site details, clear cache, restart PHP, and more with our open REST API.

Granular WordPress Customization and Controls

Access and customize detailed settings and actions for your WordPress install all from MyKinsta’s visual interface. We also provide SSH and WP-CLI access if that is your preference.

List of WordPress tools: Site cache, Restart PHP, WordPress debugging, Change PHP version, Remove Set-Cookie headers, Early Hints, Search and replace, New Relic monitoring, Password protection, Force HTTPS, Geolocation and IonCube loader
  • Domain management
  • SFTP / SSH
  • Site caching
  • Restart PHP
  • WordPress debugging
  • Database access and PHPmyAdmin
  • Database search and replace
  • New Relic monitoring
  • Password protection
  • Force HTTPS
  • Geolocation
  • ionCUBE Loader
  • PHP Engine (switch 8.1, 8.2, 8.3)
  • Remove set-cookie headers
  • Site preview (no DNS work needed)

Simplify Your Hosting

See how easy it is to manage all your apps, databases, and WordPress sites with your MyKinsta dashboard.

A free trial is available for Apps or Databases.
Or create a WordPress site risk-free with our free migrations and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Collaborate With Your Team

Notifications and Emails

You’ll see team member changes, site actions, deployment information, and billing status.

Email Notifications

Decide if you want overage notifications, newsletters, product updates, PDF invoices, and site monitoring alerts.

Screenshots showing example notifications in MyKinsta

Two Factor Authentication

Allow each collaborator to add two factor authentication to their User Settings. Each user can set up SSH keys too!

Transparent Billing

Billing is transparent and predictable. See your complete invoice history with details on server (CPU/RAM/storage) usage.

Screenshots showing MyKinsta 2FA controls and billing

Trusted and Certified

Kinsta is a SOC-2 Type II compliant organization. We also comply with GDPR and CCPR privacy standards. See our security and trust report.

Launch Your First Project

There’s a lot to love with MyKinsta. We made your control panel simple and fluff-free. Focus on building. Leave the infrastructure management to us.


Do you offer a demo of MyKinsta?

Yes! Our expert Sales Team is ready to provide you with a demo, free of charge. Enter your information and our team will be in touch.

Do you have a free trial?

For Application Hosting and Database Hosting:

Yes. Sign up for a new account and $20 will be automatically added to your account balance. Use this towards server resources for Application Hosting and/or Database hosting for one month.

The $20 starts depleting when you add your first app or database service on your MyKinsta dashboard, not when you sign up for your account.

Note: This $20 free trial during your first month does not “roll over” to the second month. For example, if you only use $8 within your first monthly billing cycle, you cannot keep the remaining $12 off for the next monthly billing cycle.

For Managed WordPress Hosting:

Not exactly. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to try it out risk-free. We also offer free migrations for most website situations (restrictions apply for larger multisite networks, certain eCommerce sites, or unusual situations).

Am I charged when I enter my credit card?

For Application Hosting and Database Hosting:

No. You won’t be billed until the end of your first monthly billing cycle. At the end of your first month, you’ll be billed for the server resources you previously used.

For Managed WordPress Hosting:

Yes. Managed WordPress hosting plans are pre-paid, unlike Application Hosting or Database Hosting plans which are post-paid. If you have a new or existing Managed WordPress plan, that will be billed at the beginning of your monthly billing cycle.

How does billing work?

For Application Hosting and Database Hosting:

You only pay for the server resources your app/database used in a post-payment method. We charge monthly at the end of your billing cycle. All services are prorated to the second. This means you only pay for what you use each day. If you create a service and delete it after a day, you pay just for the time used on that day.

For Managed WordPress Hosting:

WordPress sites are pre-paid each month. You can get two months free when you set up annual billing.

Do You Have an Affiliate Program?

For Application Hosting and Database Hosting:

Yes! Earn 5% lifetime recurring commissions on referrals to Kinsta Application Hosting by sharing your affiliate link when recommending Kinsta to your clients, adding your affiliate link to GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab repositories and deployment guides, inserting your affiliate ID when transferring a site, and much more!

For Managed WordPress Hosting:

Yes! Get up to a $500 commission for each customer you refer and 10% recurring commission for each month your referred customer stays with us.

Whether you’re a developer, agency owner, blogger, product manager, or running an open source project, share Kinsta to help others build better and faster. We’ll make it worth your while.

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